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I’m happy to see you have found my blog!

This is a blog about Hurghada, Egypt and travelling. Here you find lots of important information about Hurghada & Egypt. I wrote from my own experiences, recommendations and tips from Hurghada, Egypt.

I have been staying in Hurghada permanently for some years now, but been coming and going to Hurghada for years. Living in Egypt as a foreigner feels sometimes challenging, but I love it here. At the moment, I’m not permanently in Egypt, but I try to go there as much as I can.

For me, It has taken years to understand Egypt and how do all the things work here. This is why I want to share all the information I have about Hurghada and Egypt to make your visit easy and nice. I want you to feel comfortable and enjoy your holiday in Egypt!

At the moment blog consists of information about Egypt, mostly from Hurghada. Tips where to go and what to do, everything from my own experience. I don’t work for the tour companies, so you can consider me being an objective blogger.

In the future, I may write about living in abroad or something else. Time will tell where this blogging takes me.

And don’t hesitate to ask anything. I do my best to answer.