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8. Reasons why you should travel to Hurghada Egypt

8. Reasons why to visit Hurghada Egypt.

Should I travel to Egypt? Where should I travel? Don’t know your next holiday destination? 

Here are 8. reasons why you should choose Egypt and Hurghada for your next holiday destination. Stop hesitating and travel to Egypt. 

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1. Weather in Hurghada Egypt

Most of us want to enjoy the sun on our holiday. I do, Don’t you? In Egypt, especially in Hurghada, it’s always warm. At the wintertime, it may be little chilly, cloudy and windy in the evenings, but the temperature stays always between 20-25’C at the daytime. It rains less than a few times a year, so if you want guaranteed sun choose Egypt and Hurghada.

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2. Location

Egypt is close to Europe. For example from Northern Europe and the UK, it takes about 5 hours to fly to Hurghada. Compered to Asia where it takes about 12 hours to fly, Egypt is very close. If you don’t want to spend 12 hours from a holiday at the aeroplane with screaming kids and fear of embolism choose Egypt. Especially if you travel for a one week, it’s better to fly close. It’s also more ecological to fly close.

3. Price level

The Egyptian pound was devalued at the beginning of November in 2016. Egyptian pound (le.) lost half of its’ value compared to foreign currencies like Euro, US. dollar & English pound. For example before 50 le. used to be 5€, now it’s 2,5€. Even prices have increased, it’s still very cheap for the ones using foreign currencies. Choose Egypt, if your travel budget is not millions.

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4. History

Pyramids, Sphinx, Egyptian museum, Valley of the Kings, Temples (Karnak, Luxor), Abu Simbel. And much much more. If you want to join those who have seen one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, go to see pyramids and choose Egypt. There are lots of excursions from Hurghada to everywhere in Egypt.

Read more about the trips to Luxor fro Hurghada here.

5. Hotel resorts

You find tons of high-quality luxury hotel resorts around the Red Sea riviera; Hurghada, El Gouna, Sahl Hasheesh, Makadi Bay, just to name few. There are hundreds of all-inclusive hotel resorts, from where you find anything you need to relax on your holiday. Sea, sun, food, drinks, activities, beauty salons, water parks, gyms, anything you can ever imagine. If you want a hotel resort, with an excellent price-quality ratio, choose Egypt. No matter who you travel with, there is entertainment for everyone.

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6. Scuba diving & other activities

The red sea is considered to be one of the world’s top scuba diving destinations. There are lots of coral-reefs and different underwater species under the water (daaa, off course). So if you are excited about diving and not afraid of the fishes like me, choose Egypt. If you are not interested about scuba diving like me, there are still lots of activities to choose from; Desert safari trips, Grand aquarium, Sand city Hurghada, Mini Egypt park, horseback riding and so on.

7. People

People tend to forget that behind every salesman or woman, there is a real person. Egyptians are warm-hearted people, who love children. When you come to visit Egypt, you will feel welcomed and for sure being taking care of all your holiday.

8. Relaxation

Every one of us needs a holiday time on time. Also you! See you in Egypt!

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After these 8. Reasons you are not hesitating anymore! Read here why you should choose Egypt as your holiday destination.

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