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Best beaches in Hurghada Egypt

The best beaches in Hurghada Egypt.

In this article: Which are the most popular beaches in Hurghada? Which beaches in Hurghada are worth visiting? Where are the best beaches in Hurghada?

Prepare yourself for Hurghada and read all you need to know about the beaches.

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Table of content:

  • General info about the Red Sea
  • Hotel beaches in Hurghada
  • The public beaches in Hurghada
  • Elysees Dream Beach
  • Old Vic Beach
  • Old Sheraton Street bay

Hurghada and the Red Sea

Hurghada is a big resort town which is located on the coast of the Red Sea. A city has spread 20 kilometres along the Red Sea coastline. Most of the hotels in Hurghada have their own private beach and the big hotel complexes cover the sea view very effectively.

So if you stay in a hotel in Hurghada, most likely you have free access to a private beach. These beaches are usually very nice and they are also clean and safe. When you are staying in Hurghada, you get to enjoy the best parts of the Red Sea’s crystal clear waters.

The Red Sea temperature in Hurghada

The Red Sea is perfect for all kinds of water sports like snorkelling, scuba diving and swimming. The seawater temperature is coldest in the winter (about 18 Celsius degrees) and warmest in the summer, when it can rise up to 30 Celsius degrees.

So, it’s possible to swim and scuba-dive in the Red Sea all year round. The Red Sea is one of the reasons you should travel to Hurghada, Egypt.

Here is a list of 8. Reasons to travel to Hurghada (in case you’re still wondering if you should go or not).

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Beaches in Hurghada

Though most of the hotels offer free beach access, you may still want to check what the other beaches in Hurghada and its surroundings have to offer.

Or maybe you are staying in the rental flat or at the hotel with no beach access at all. Whatever your the situation is: Here are tips and information about the best beaches in Hurghada, Egypt.

Hotel beaches in Hurghada

Some of the hotels allow visitors outside of the hotel to use the hotel beaches and services by daily charge. Day use costs approximately from 200 Egyptian pounds (LE.) to 500 LE. Some of the hotels sell all-inclusive services for the price and some prices include a towel only.

If you want to go and enjoy hotel beach facilities, contact the hotel first and ask if they allow visitors to enter the hotel area or not. Remember to ask also how much does it cost and what does the price include.

Entrance fees to hotel beaches in Hurghada

Some hotels may charge as much as 50 USD for a one day use! If you pay 50 dollars, you are most likely allowed to use all the all-inclusive services in the hotel.

Last time, when I used the hotel beach, I visited the Marriot hotel. The entrance to the beach cost 180 Egyptian pounds for one day (November 2018). This price included beach access and a towel.

Here are some pictures from Marriot Beach Resort, Hurghada. My friends were staying in this hotel last year and they loved it.

The public beaches in Hurghada

There are tens of public and private beaches in Hurghada and its surrounding areas (El Gouna, Sahl Hasheesh & Makadi Bay).

Even though the beaches are called public beaches, there is always an entrance fee to the beach. The entrance fee varies from 20 Egyptian pounds to 250 Egyptian pounds.

The residents of Hurghada uses the public beaches in Hurghada a lot. All the beaches are filled with people during the public and national holidays.

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Try to avoid going to the beaches during the public and school holidays, since some of the beaches raise prices to double during the public holidays. The beaches are also very crowded during public holidays.

The beaches in Hurghada have the same problem than the restaurants. They change names, owners and concept quite often. This is why I won’t write a list of all the beaches in Hurghada. I know, it won’t be same after a while.

I will write about a few popular beaches in Hurghada, which I believe to be working also in the future.

One of the nicest and also the cheapest beach is EL SAWAKY BEACH in El Dahar, Hurghada. Entrance fee to EL SAWAKY beach is 20 Egyptian pounds, but you have to spend minimum 20 LE. (May 2019) for drinks ir snacks. More information from their Facebook-pages.

The most expensive beaches are located in Sahl Hasheesh and El Gouna. The entrance fee varies from 200-300 Egyptian Pounds (LE.). Check the price beforehand.

Sahl Hasheesh has the best beaches in Egypt.
Sahl Hasheesh has the most beautiful beaches.

There are lots of public beaches between Bella Vista and Sunrise adults-only hotel. At the moment there are at least five beaches: Orange Beach, Anemone Beach, Navy Chalets, Mahmaya and Embassy beach club.

All the beaches have different entrance fees and services. I recommend you to go and check the beach yourself before deciding if you are going to stay there or not. Since not all the beaches include a towel, take your towel with you and go to explore Hurghada beaches. There are lots of them.

Two of the oldest, cleanest, safest and the most popular beaches in Hurghada are “Elysees Dream beach and Old Vic beach”. These two beaches have been working as long as I remember.

Actually, they are both located next to each other, at the beginning of Old Sheraton Road, close to El Mamsha and Marriot hotel.

Dream beach includes a towel but Old Vic charges 5 LE. for towel use. I recommend Old Vic for the families and Dream beach for friends and couples.

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Elysees Dream Beach Hurghada

Location: Old Sheraton Road, close to Marriot Hotel and Bulls restaurant. Entrance fee 150 Egyptian pounds (LE.), Single (200LE.) including a towel August 2019).

Dream beach is one of the oldest beaches in Hurghada. It has been there as long as I remember. It’s also one of the most popular beaches in Hurghada.

I don’t wonder why since it’s clean and safe. Also the atmosphere there is awesome. Dream beach is the best beach for couples and friends.

For the families with small kids, Dream beach is not the best choice, because the beach area is quite small and the beach becomes deep fast.

But there are others things to do for the kids: a playing area and small grass field where the kids can play and run.

Sun beds are comfortable and there are lots of them. The Layout of sun beds in Dream Beach is different from what you probably have used to.

This is actually one thing that makes the beach worth seeing. You can choose either you stay on the pier or more traditionally on the sand.

If you are thirsty or hungry, you don’t need to suffer all day. There is a sun bed service beach bar and restaurant/bar inside. There is also an ice-cream stand with delicious Ice-creams and milkshakes.

For the ones who want, to spoil themselves properly, there is a spa in the same building. For the kids, there is a small playground and green area for running and playing.

From Dream Beach, you find everything you need to have a good day at the beach.

More info:

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Old Vic Beach (closed at the moment 2/2022)

Location: Old Sheraton Road, close to Marriot Hotel and Bulls restaurant. Entrance fee 150 Egyptian pounds (LE.), Towel not included, 5 LE. (August 2019).

Long sandy beach with a panorama sea view. This is Old Vic beach. The Old Vic beach is located next to Dream Beach at the beginning of Old Sheraton Road, Hurghada, Egypt.

Old Vic is one of the most popular beaches in Hurghada. It’s clean and the bottom of the  sea is good, though there are some rocks. Last time I visited Old Vic, I was happy that I took swimming shoes for my daughter.

There were some rocks on the bottom of the sea, where she could have hurt herself. If you want to buy swimming shoes, you find them from Hurghada from the big souvenir shops (Cleopatra Bazaar, Hurghada Star & Ramstore).

The beach has a nice view and it’s big. It’s also better for swimming and playing on the beach with kids when compared to Dream beach.

BUT there is not much nothing else to do there. Ok, the idea of being at the beach is being at the beach. I know. But Dream Beach has more activities.

For sure adults appreciate the newly renovated toilets in Old Vic. Also, if you want to good massage, go to Old Vic. They have professional massagers. Food and drinks are also available in Old Vic.

If one could combine Old Vic and Dream Beach, it would be the perfect beach.

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Felfala beach by the Old Sheraton Road

I wrote at the beginning of this blog post, that it’s possible to stay in Hurghada and not see the sea at all, because of the hotels covering the Red Sea. That’s true, though unlikely.

If you want to go and admire a beautiful sunset by the sea for free, I know a perfect place for it. At Old Sheraton Road, opposite to Granada Restaurant, next to Sunrise hotel. There you find a small bay, where locals go fishing, swimming and hang out.

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The bay is a closed area and people are not allowed to go inside the gates. If you enter inside the area, you do it with your own responsibility.

I don’t encourage anyone to go inside the gates, but if you go, be careful.

You can admire the sunset from the top of the beach from behind the fence safer. This place is perfect for selfies!

All in all Hurghada, Egypt has a lot to offer for the beach and sea lovers. Which are your favourite beaches in Hurghada? Is there a beach you would like to recommend for the other readers?


Note at the end! Use your swimwear at the beach (no topless or bottomless) and remember to put some clothes on, when leaving the beach area (no bikinis at the streets).

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