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Best fish and seafood restaurants in Hurghada, Egypt

The best fish and seafood restaurants in Hurghada Egypt

What are the best fish and seafood restaurants in Hurghada? Which restaurant serves the best seafood in Hurghada? How much does it cost? And what are the restaurants like?

Continue to read all about the best and most famous fish restaurants in Hurghada, Egypt.

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Here in this post, I will introduce five of my favourite seafood restaurants in Hurghada, Egypt.

I have visited and tested them all myself. If you are planning to go out to eat fish or seafood in Hurghada, these restaurants are a safe choice and for sure you get good fish.

Top 5 fish and seafood restaurants in Hurghada Egypt in random order:







Al Sheraa Fish Restaurant locates next to Sherry Street close to Sheraton Street (google maps link here).

My first visit to Al Sheraa fish restaurant was kind of an accident. We were planning to go to another fish restaurant, which we never managed to find, luckily. After walking for so long around the small street behind Sheraton Street, I was ready to eat whatever.

You know the feeling when you are so hungry that you could eat almost anything. This was me when we went to have dinner at Al Sheraa Fish restaurant.

El Sheraa is one of my favourite fish & seafood restaurants in Hurgahada Egypt.
Al Sheraa Fish restaurant is located in the side street close to Sherry Street and Sheraton Road.

First, I was a little suspicious towards the restaurant, because there was no-one inside when we entered. An empty restaurant is not usually a good sign. Anyways, we decided to stay and soon more people started to come in to enjoy the seafood.

Also, some people came to buy fish to cook at home. Takeaway meals were also delivered. So the first impression of the empty restaurant was crushed in minutes.

As soon as we went to sit on the tables, a waiter came to get our order. We choose to have fish fillets meals, I took mine fried and my companion took fish grilled. One portion was only 45 Egyptian pounds, not bad at all (prices may have changed since my visit.).

El Sheraa is one of the best fish restaurants in Hurghada, Egypt.
El Sheraa fish restaurant grilled fish with rice.

Food came relatively fast; I was so happy to eat! Fish tasted good. For sure I will visit Al Sheraa fish restaurant again. It’s not far away from Sheraton Street, so if you are hungry and want good fish fast, visit Al Sheraa fish restaurant. I highly recommend El Sheraa fish restaurant.

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It’s not a submarine, it’s Hefny seafood restaurant and it looks like a submarine. If you don’t remember the food, for sure you will remember the exterior. I remember going there first about ten years ago.

After this, I have been going to Hefny now and them. And now it was time to go to the submarine restaurant again.

Hefny is one of the most popular seafood restaurants in Hurghada Egypt.
Hefny seafood restaurant looks like a submarine both inside and outside.

Directions: Hefny Seafood restaurant locates at the end of the Sheraton Street close to Sakkala square (Sakala square, Sackalla square). You turn right from the Sakala Square, towards El Mina mosque and your back is towards Sheraton Street. Continue until you reach Hefny on your left side, at the end of the street. Most of the taxi drivers and citizens of Hurghada knows were Hefny is, just ask if you don’t find it. 

Hefny Seafood restaurant in one of the best and authentic seafood restaurants in HUrghada Egypt.
Hefny menu, the food in Hefny seafood restaurant is good and affordable.

So, last time in Hefny we made it big and took soups as a starter. I had a Molokhiya soup with Shrimps. Molokhiya is a traditional Egyptian soup, which you should definitely try in Egypt. It’s one of the most famous foods in Egypt, one could say that it’s the national food of Egypt among with Koshari and Ful Medammes.

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My Shrimp molokhiya was very good, though it was super salty. It doesn’t look very good in the picture, but it’s totally worth trying. My friend had a seafood soup, which was also very good, but it needed more salt. Maybe I got all the salt to my molokhiya.

Next time I will take shrimp molokhiya soup again. Shrimp molokhiya was excellent, especially with Egyptian flatbread.

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Molokhiya is a tradional Egyptian soup worth trying.
Shrimp Molokhiya is a soup worth trying.

We also had a small green salad, with cucumber, tomato and coriander, tahini, baba ganoush and some pickled cucumber and eggplants. We ordered only baba ganoush, others came with the food. I love all the sauces and extra things with food.

For the main course, I took fried fish fillet, mistake! It wasn’t bad, but it was very heavy and the main taste in my mouth was oil.

My friend took a grilled fish, and it tasted so much lighter and better. Compare the pictures below, and you see what I mean. On the top my portion and below my friends one.

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Next time I take grilled fish, for sure!

All in all, Hefny is a classic Egyptian fish restaurant, where the quality is always good and food is tasty. Interior and exterior are worth seeing and experiencing.

Price is very affordable, our dinner with two soups, tahini, baba ganoush, eggplants, salad, flatbread, two fish fillets and two sprites plus one water, altogether only 185 Egyptian pounds (may have changed).

Here is a currency converter from CIB Bank (CIB is a big Egyptian international bank), to check how much it is in your currency.



We also tried Al Halaka fish restaurant, which is located close to Marina and Hurghada Fish Market Google maps location here.

Al Halaka is one of the best fish restaurants in Hurghada Egypt.
Alhalaka fish restaurant is located close to Hurghada new marina.

We usually get a take away from Al Halaka and eat home. This was actually the first time when we ate in the restaurant. I don’t know why, maybe because it’s just so convenient. The best thing what comes with eating at home is that after dinner you can just lay down on the sofa and wonder why did you eat too much.  I love over-eating.

This time we went to eat inside Al Halaka fish restaurant. I also popped in at the fish market, which is next opposite of the road. If you have time visit there, Hurghada fish market is worth seeing and experiencing.

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As a restaurant, El Halaka is clean and nice. It’s also one of the most popular and oldest fish restaurants in Hurghada. Interior is nice, though it’s also quite a busy restaurant.

For starters, my husband took a seafood soup, which I tasted. It was good and looks delicious, right? I didn’t order any soup for myself, because I knew I wouldn’t eat it all anyway, I wasn’t that hungry.

The soup came after a while. We also ordered some baba ganoush (it was delicious), tahina, flatbread. Our girl had some french fries, she’s not that into the fish.

For the main course, we ordered 500 grams of fish fillet and shared it. I’ve learned my lesson and this time we took grilled fish, it was much better than fried. When we got the fish, we realised we didn’t order any rice with it. In Al Halaka, it doesn’t come automatically with the fish.

As soon as we started to eat the fish, I noticed that some of the pieces were a little bit pink. As far as I’m concerned, it should have been white. It didn’t taste raw, but we send the fish back to the kitchen just to be sure. I don’t want to take a risk to get sick or anything.

The waiter took a fish and of course, apologized. From my point of view, the restaurant staff took care of the situation very professionally. After a while, we got a new fish with apologies. This fish was excellent and everyone was happy. Especially our daughter who got some extra video watching time.



El Halaka in Hurghada Egypt serves delicious seafood.
El Halaka fish restaurant menu.

All in all, everything cost 171 Egyptian pounds. Including 2 sprites, one small bottle of water, baba ganoush, tahini, one seafood soup, 500 grams fish fillet, 2 rice portions and french fries. Not bad at all.


The 4th Fish Restaurant in Hurghada where I visited was El Mina Fish Restaurant.

El Mina fish restaurant locates (google maps) close to Hefny at the end of Sheraton Street, close to Sakkala square (Sakala square, Sackalla square).

El Mina fish restaurant is a cosy and nice restaurant,
El Mina fish restaurant is located close to Hefny seafood restaurant.

First thing I noticed, when I entered El Mina fish restaurant was the interior. It was attractive and cosy. I felt like I was home (not mine of course).

From all the fish restaurants in Hurghada, El Mina has the nicest interior. It has three floors, the first two floors for the fish restaurant and the third floor for a coffee shop.

If you desire a cup of coffee or tea after dinner, a coffee shop is not far away.

El Mina fish restaurant is a cosy and nice restaurant,
El Mina fish restaurant interior is nice, warm and cosy.

This time we didn’t take any soups for appetizers, but we had baba ganoush, tahini, green salad and pickled vegetables with flatbread for the start. For the main course, we had 500 grams of grilled fish fillet with rice.

Food came very fast, which is always nice. We had our baby with us, so faster the food comes, happier she is. My husband liked the fish in El Mina fish restaurant very much.

He said it was the best fish he had for ages. I also liked the fish, but it was a little bit too dry for my taste. Anyways it was good and I was full after dinner.

El MIna restaurant Hurghada Egypt has delicious fish.
My husbands favourite fish is served in El Mina fish restaurant.

All this cost 201 Egyptian pounds; it included; Baba ganoush, tahini, green salad, vegetables, bread, french fries, one water, two sprites, 500 grams of fish fillet and two portions of rice.

Even El Mina might be a few pounds more expensive than other fish restaurants I’ve been visiting, it’s the nicest and cleanest one so far. This is what I’m happy to pay a few pounds more.

El Mina had two happy customers today!


Star Fish seafood restaurant is located in Sheraton Road. Open from 11.00pm-01.30am.

Star Fish is one of the most popular fish and seafood restaurant in Hurghada Egypt.
Star Fish restaurant is located in Sheraton Road, Hurghada, Egypt.

Star Fish is one of the biggest, oldest and most popular fish restaurants in Hurghada, Egypt. It’s also a popular restaurant among tourist groups. This is why it can be very grounded and full sometimes.  In the busiest hours, you may have to wait for your food for a while.

Last time, I visited Star Fish restaurant I didn’t have time to eat in, so I decided to enjoy take away meal. Take away food is actually a little cheaper option since you don’t have to pay 14% taxes if you take away.

Star Fish restaurant is said to be more pricey than other fish restaurants in Hurghada, but actually it was cheaper than I thought. We paid for two take away meals for about 200 Egyptian pounds. The price doesn’t include the taxes, which make it more affordable. In the end, it wasn’t that expensive compared to others as I expected.

This time we took fish fillet (surprise, surprise). I had it fried fish and my companion had his fish grilled. We were both satisfied with our fishes.

The food in Star Fish is excellent, but if you want to have an intimate dinner select another smaller restaurant. Big restaurant is not ideal for romantic dinners. With children, Star Fish is a good choice.

There are big aquariums, where you can see the most exotic fishes. Kids will love it. Hopefully, they are still interested in eating the fish.

ALL IN ALL, There are at least five fish restaurants worth trying in Hurghada Egypt. The best fish and Seafood restaurants in Hurghada are definitely Al Sheraa, El Mina, El Halaka, Hefny and Srat Fish.

My personal favourite food is definitely served in Al Sheraa fish restaurant, probably because it surprised me positively. And I was so hungry when I ate there.

El Mina fish restaurant was also a very positive surprise. I liked the interior and atmosphere there so much.  This is the place, where I would take my friends visiting Hurghada.

Have you been eating fish or seafood in Hurghada? What’s your favourite restaurant?

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