Cairo by bus.

How is it like? Is it worth trying? Is it safe?

Travelling by bus in a foreign country is always an experience. Especially in a country like Egypt, where you never know what to expect. There will be lots of questions, even before considering travelling by bus. At least I had. My first bus experience in Egypt was from Hurghada to Cairo in summer 2017. We took a bus from “Go-bus terminal” in Hurghada which is located in El-Nasr street. All the taxis know it, if not, change the taxi and do it fast. For sure there will be more problems coming.

Anyway, we took a night bus, which I prefer as a first option. Buses come and go very often, so in the end, it’s up to you if you want to travel day or night, anyhow I recommend night. Distance between Hurghada to Cairo is about 400 km and it takes at least 6 hours by bus to Cairo, in case everything goes as expected and usually it does. Sometimes it may take longer, because of the security checkpoints. (Will wrote about them more someday).

So if you want to travel from Hurghada to Cairo try a bus. Prices are not bad, usually between 150-350 Egyptian pounds and buses are not bad at all. I have only tried Go-bus company and most of my experiences have been good. You can buy a ticket for example from Go-bus desk in Sheraton Street or also from their website. I recommend buying a ticket beforehand because sometimes buses are sold out.

Travelling by bus is safe and like I said cheap experience.



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