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A bus trip from Hurghada to Cairo

GoBus station in Hurghada

Travelling by bus in a foreign country is always an experience. Especially in a country like Egypt, where you never know what to expect. There will be lots of questions, even before considering travelling by bus. At least I had.

Here is all you need to know about travelling by bus between Hurghada and Cairo.

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What is it like to travel by bus in Egypt?

My first bus experience in Egypt was from Hurghada to Cairo in summer 2017. After that, I have been travelling between Cairo and Hurghada more or less frequently.

Travelling by bus in Egypt is similar to everywhere else. The only difference is that I haven’t been travelling for so long anywhere else.

I prefer using Go Bus-company since their quality-price ratio is good. The buses and service have been ok most of the time and the prices are not bad at all.

But to be honest, I have had some problems with Go Bus as well, but in the end, the company has dealt well in these situations.

Other transportation companies operating in between Cairo and Hurghada are Blue Bus, High Jet Egypt and Super Jet bus company.

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How much does a bus trip cost from Hurghada to Cairo?

Travelling by bus in Egypt is relatively cheap. For example, a bus trip from Hurghada to Cairo with a classic bus costs 190 Egyptian pounds (2/2022) with Go Bus company.

If you choose a better bus, the price will be higher. Go Bus has 6 different ticket/bus classes which are Classic, Deluxe Plus, New Deluxe, Elite Plus, Elite Plus +, Elite D.D and Aero.

All Go Bus buses are air-conditioned and equipped with W.C.

You can buy tickets and see the schedules from their website: Go Bus

Go Bus Aero class

Go Bus Aero is a very comfortable bus.
Go Bus Aero bus has the biggest seats ever.

Last time I travelled from Cairo to Hurghada with Go Bus I took the Aero class bus, which Go Bus calls “The luxury of aeroplane on the ground.”

The ticket cost was double compared to normal, but it was worth all the money. Sitting on the bus has never felt so comfortable.

Everyone has their own screen and the seats are very big and comfortable. If you have a chance, I recommend you to try it.

At the moment the Aero class bus goes between Hurghada and Cairo once a day.

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Go Bus terminals in Hurghada and Cairo

The Go Bus terminal is located in El-Nasr street in Hurghada. All the taxis know it, if not, change the taxi and do it fast.

In Cairo there are many terminals, usually I travel to Tahrir.

The distance between Cairo and Hurghada

The distance between Hurghada to Cairo is about 400 km. It takes at least 6 hours by bus to Cairo, in case everything goes as expected and usually it does. Usually the bus stops once on the way.

Sometimes it may take longer, because of the security checkpoints, where the bus is stopped and passenger ID’s checked. Police checks ID’s when coming from Cairo to Hurghada. Foreigners must present their passports.

Next: Where to buy the bus tickets?

Where to buy bus tickets in Egypt?

You can buy a bus ticket straight from the office or online. I have bought Go Bus tickets online and it has been working well.

I recommend you to do it beforehand since the buses are often very full.

A private car tranport from Hurghada to Cairo

You can hire a private car to drive you. This is much more expensive than a bus, but a good option for someone.

Details and more information: Cairo and Hurghada One-Way or Return Private Transfer***

Travelling by bus is a safe and like I said cheap experience.


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