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Flights to Egypt | A guide for booking cheap tickets online

flights to egypt

In this blog blogpost, I’ll reveal all tricks and tips that I use to find the most affordable and best flights to Egypt and anywhere.

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I’ve booked trillions of flights to Egypt and everywhere around the world. Anyone who has booked flights online knows that booking cheap flights online is hard work.

It’s also rewarding. After spending hours and hours in front of your computer, you find the perfect flights.

What is the perfect flight for me?

For me, the perfect flight is both cheap and easy. With easy I mean fast. I want to get to my destination as fast as possible. I always try to choose the airline with good connections. I don’t want to spend hours sleeping on uncomfortable airport benches or wandering around while waiting for the next flight.

Those days are gone, now I want to travel comfortable and I’m ready to pay a few extra pounds for it.

The more time you spend at the airport the more money you going to consume for food and drinks. Shopping is also a good way to waste time.

Remember that the cheapest way isn’t always the easiest or the best one.

How to book the cheapest and best flights for you online? Flights to Egyot.
The cheapest flight isn’t always the best one for you. Image: Pixabay

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Booking the flights from low-cost airlines

I have learned my lesson during the years. When I was younger, I used to book always the cheapest tickets I found to Egypt and anywhere else I was flying. I thought I was SAVING MONEY, but at the end using low-cost airlines became more expensive than direct or faster but more expensive flights.

First of all the CONNECTION TIMES can be horrible. You have nothing to do at the airport, and in the end, you have drunk and eaten the money you saved on the ticket.

When using low-cost airlines, there are usually HIDDEN FEES, which you see at the end of the reservation. You are paying extra for everything: luggage, boarding, meals, drinks and even paying is charged depending on your paying method.

Also, they tend to use smaller airports, located far away from the cities. TRANSPORTATION from the airport to your accommodation may become expensive, especially if you’re landing at night. To avoid this, Google the airport and research before booking from Low-cost airlines.

Whether you’re planning to fly with low-cost airlines or standard ones you can save the money when booking the tickets: So, Here you are; my tips for booking the cheapest and best flight for you.

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How to book cheap flights to Egypt? Tips for booking the best and cheapest airline tickets online

1. Clean your browsing history and delete cookies

This is the trick I always use. When you are browsing and looking for the FLIGHTS ONLINE, you may have noticed that the PRICES GO UP CONSTANTLY. In reality, they aren’t. I’ll explain why.

When browsing on the internet, you’ll leave a mark called a cookie to every website you visit. Websites collect cookies and track your moves on the internet. The websites you have visited know where you want to fly and when. Crazy, right?

To make you buy the flights, the websites but prices up constantly. This makes you scared, panic and you want to buy the tickets as fast as possible to save the money. 

To avoid this happening, you should clear your browsing history and delete the cookies before booking and searching online.

You can also search in the INCOGNITO window. When browsing incognito Google or the other search engine you are using can’t track you. This means there are no data from your searches. No cookies, no higher prices.

And don’t forget the fact that the prices actually change if you wait for days or weeks.

More information (opens in new window):

Clearing your cookies before booking a holiday can save you HUNDREDS with popular travel sites

Business Insider article and instructions for Chrome and Firefox.

2. Plan and book your flights early enough

Start planning your trip early enough. The earlier you book your airline tickets, the lower the price is. BUT if you are planning to fly with charter flights, it’s better to wait for a little bit. If there are free seats on the plane, you may get very cheap last-minute holiday flights.

Of course, there is always a risk of selling out. If you wait for too long, you might end up without tickets.

Most of the airline companies have the option to choose flexible travel dates (usually +-3 days). If you are searching the airline tickets with your phone, it will give you fewer options, since the interface is more restricted compared to the computer. Some airline companies show the prices for all the month when searched with a computer.


3. Avoid travelling during the high season and public holidays

It’s more expensive to flight everywhere during the public holidays such as Christmas, New Year and Eastern. If possible, avoid travelling when everyone else is travelling too.

If it’s impossible, book your ticket early enough. With these flights, you shouldn’t wait. Usually, I’m paying at least 25% if I have to buy flights to Egypt over Christmas time.

4. Use the best search engines to find the cheapest flights

When I’m booking flights to Egypt for myself, I compare the prices from the best flight search engines. I usually use BOOKING BUDDY to find the best routes for me. You can choose from different airline search engines and pick up your favourite one.

In this site BOOKING BUDDY, you see all the best search engines with one search.

If you purchase your flights through my website, I may get a small commission. For you, it doesn’t cost any extra. It just saves your time and nerves.

5. Don’t forget the environment

Flying isn’t the most ENVIRONMENTAL-FRIENDLY thing to do, but if you are stuck between the flights and can’t decide which one to choose, choose the one which is most direct. It’s good to avoid flying there and back.

I mean that even if the airline tickets are cheap it’s not necessarily a good idea to fly to the opposite direction you are going to. It is also time-consuming.

If there are no direct flights available, choose the one which is most direct. Your time is valuable and so is the environment.

If possible choose the direct flight. First of all, direct flights are faster, easier and cheaper. It’s also a better choice environment. 

Next: What does the price include?

6. Compare-What do you get? What does the price include?

Like said earlier, the cheapest flight isn’t always the best option. So remember to COMPARE, COMPARE AND COMPARE. Check which option gives the best value for money. What does the price include? Does it include luggage, meals or drinks? What about visas? How many baggages can you check-in? How much can your baggage weight? What about extra kilos?

Once I booked a cheap ticket to Egypt for my mom and at the end, she had to pay 70 Euros for extra weight. And it was just a few kilos extra weight. There was nothing she could have left at the airport, she just had to pay. This is one of the reasons I’m flying often with Turkish Airlines, you are allowed to check-in luggage for 30 kilos. That’s a lot!

7. Join Facebook groups

Seriously people are selling their flying tickets on Facebook. I’m a member of many Egypt facebook groups and once in a while, someone is selling their tickets to Egypt.

Most likely they’ve bought non-returnable tickets, can’t travel and don’t want to lose their money. Because some of the airlines allow you to change the name on the ticket for an extra cost, it’s better to sell the ticket and get at least something back. This is how my friend got cheap flights to Egypt for herself.

Off course, there is always a risk to lose your money if you buy something from a stranger online. So be cautious!

8. Follow airline companies on social media

When there is a flight sale, a new campaign or something else people should now it’s on social media. Follow airline companies on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter! And don’t forget to like my page on Facebook!  For subscribing my blog: Scroll down the page!

9. Subscribe the newsletter from airline companies

Before sales stars, you should be informed. If there is a special deal coming, airfare companies usually send a notice beforehand!


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