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A quad bike (ATV) desert safari excursion in Hurghada

Beautiful view from the quad bike excursion Hurghada.

Have you ever been in driving a quad bike in desert? If you have not, I recommend you book a quad biking excursion in Hurghada. Especially, If you are not afraid of adrenaline and speed, go for it!

Here is all you need to know before you go!

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This is an article about my quad bike experience in Egypt’s Hurghada. Here I will share my tips and thoughts about this excursion, to let you know what to expect from this excursion. Notice that the excursion is available also in other cities and resorts in Egypt.

I do not know, why did I wait for so long before taking a quad biking (ATV) safari trip in Hurghada. This excursion is something that I wanted to experience for a long, but I didn’t want to do it by myself.

So, as soon as I had some visitors from Finland I asked them to go for a quad biking trip with me.

My friends were very excited to try quad biking. All of us loved the excursion, my guests loved it even more than I did. They weren’t as scared as I was. Even though the excursion to was super nice, I have to admit, that I was scared once in a while.

Luckily, everything went great and I’m still alive!

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If you want to book your excursions beforehand, check what Get Your Guide has to offer. You can read reviews from the websites and decide if you want to book in advance or not. You can book also from Egypt. Here is an affiliate link to three hours desert safari trip in Hurghada. This is the trip we took. If you make a reservation for an excursion through the link on my site, I’ll get a small commission. For you, it doesn’t cost any extra.

Where to book quad biking / ATV-excursion from Hurghada?

When you arrive at Hurghada, you notice that there are lots of companies arranging and offering all kinds of excursions. Before booking anything, ask around and compare the prices since they may vary a lot.

It’s also good to check what the price actually includes and what it does not cover.

Don’t forget to check the insurance in case something went wrong. This is something you should notice always when traveling abroad and taking excursions.

Travel insurance is something from where you shouldn’t never save!

Before you start planning any holiday activities, especially the ones which may include motor vehicles, scuba-diving, or anything “more dangerous” check your travel insurance to be sure it covers possible accidents or damages.

Since we were already in Egypt, we booked our excursion locally. We asked for prices from a few different tour operators. Eventually, we chose which we thought had the best price-quality ratio.

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How much does a quad bike (ATV) safari in Egypt costs?

We called the company twice before booking and asked for more details. We choose this company because they made us the best offer.  The trip included: 3 hours Safari trip in the desert including transportation from the hotel and back, 45 minutes of quad bike driving, 20 minutes of beach buggy driving (spider car), and tea/coca-cola. All this for 250 Egyptian Pounds (Notice that the prices may have changed).

Here is a link to a currency converter, if you want to check how much it’s in your currency (opens in a new window). There are also longer trips available, but we decided to choose the shortest one (3 hours) and it was perfect for us.

I went to the office to pay for my excursion on the previous night. My friends paid half beforehand and the rest in the morning before the excursion. Usually, you have to pay some kind of deposit. In case you pay something beforehand, don’t lose your receipt.

Most of the excursions in Hurghada are very affordable. Imagine, how much a quad biking safari would cost in your country. A lot, right?

Quad biking excursion in Hurghada is amazing
Quad bike in the Hurghada dessert ready to go!

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Whether you should choose a 3-or 7-hours desert trip in Hurghada

So we decided to go to the desert for three hours. Microbus came to pick us up from the hotel at 8.30 and took us back to the hotel around12.30. All in all, the excursion lasted four hours.

There are also longer excursions available, but we didn’t want to use all day in the desert. 3 hours trip was perfect for us. After the excursion, we returned to the hotel and we still had the rest of the day to do our own things.

The difference between 3 and 7 hours trips is the program of course. Usually, the 7-hours quad biking trip includes a visit to Beduin village, with a show and BBQ. Also, you will be driving quad bikes for longer.

To be honest, I don’t know if I could have handled a longer trip. As I was scared once in a while, I was squeezing out the wheel very hard. Squeezing the wheel too hard, took all my powers away. So 3-hours was more than enough for me.

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Next: How to dress for a quad biking safari?

How to dress for a quad biking safari? What to wear?

As I said earlier, the trip started at 8.30 in the morning.

I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Jeans were a good choice because, in the end, the motor started to be very hot. I was afraid that it burns my legs, even though I had long trousers on. Also, the weather in the morning was quite chilly.

Since it was the beginning of November, I should have had a long-sleeved shirt with me. I had only a t-shirt on and I felt a little cold.  Next time I will bring an extra shirt with me.

Don’t forget to wear proper shoes! There is a rule that you are not allowed to wear flip flops or sandals, so wear proper shoes.

You also need to bring a scarf. It is a must. If you don’t wear a scarf, you are probably not allowed to participate in the trip. A scarf is a must because of the sand.

We bought our scarves from the office for 25 le./each. If you forget to take a scarf with you, you can also buy it in the desert. It will be more expensive.

Another must thing is to wear sunglasses or goggles. I had my sunglasses on, and they worked fine for me. If you are not protecting your eyes, you can’t keep your eyes open, there is so much sand in the air.

I also recommend taking a small back bag with you. You can keep your personal belongings and a bottle of water there. There is a place where you can leave your belongings, but I wouldn’t dare to leave anything expensive there.

Beautiful landscapes in the desert near Hurghada.
Beautiful landscapes in the desert near Hurghada.

ATV excursion experience in Hurghada

After we read the instructions and signed papers for responsibility, we started with the excursion with quad bikes. I have a driving license but no experience with quad bikes. But it went well.

There were two guides with us and there were nine of us in the group. One guide was leading the group and the other was driving behind us. The guides were very professional and took good care of safety.

We were all driving on the line. The ones who drove fastest (craziest ones) were front and slowest back. I was in the fast group (the last one though), but at some point, I wish I didn’t have to drive so fast.

To be honest, at some points I was pretty scared. The ride was bumpy and we drove full speed. But in the end, it is up to you, you can also drive slower if you want.

What not do to?

The guide always waited for everyone, no one was left behind from the group. For me, the first 30 minutes were harder than the last 15-minutes. I’m not sure about the duration, but the first period felt like a decade.

I was holding a wheel so hard that I used all my strength and my hands started to feel very weak at the end. When we stopped to take pictures, someone told me that it’s a very common mistake for beginners. There is no need to use so much power.

After this advice, I relaxed a bit and it was so much nicer to drive after. Talking with others relaxed me, so I enjoyed the last part much more.

Even though I was scared at the moments and I enjoyed quad biking and would do it again. My friends also liked it much and they weren’t scared at all. But I’m the one who always analysis everything.

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Driving a spider buggy in Hurgahda desert was one of the best things ever!
Spider buggy, my favourite vehicle.

Driving a beach buggy

After quad biking, we had a chance to ride spider buggies (beach buggy). We only drove 20 minutes and I loved it. I would have driven them all day if I had a chance.

The only thing that I wished for, was that we could have driven faster. It was so much fun. If quad biking was scary sometimes, buggy riding wasn’t at all. I say it was very relaxing.

After driving the buggies, we went to a desert village and had some coca-cola. You could have also had some drinks or shisha there, but we didn’t. None of our group did.

We also had a chance to leave tips for tour guides and we did. They were awesome and really professionals. So take some small money with you in case you liked your trip and like to leave a tip.

You can also buy pictures of yourself on a quad bike. There is a real photographer who takes pictures of you. It’s a nice memory.

So is riding a quad bike in the desert. I recommend this trip to everyone. If you have children under 16, they are not allowed to drive quad bikes. But they can still participate in excursions since the kids are allowed to ride with grown-ups. This is something you should check with a company.

All in all, a desert safari excursion in Hurghada was awesome and scary (for me). If you want an excursion filled with speed and adrenaline, go for it!

Book an excursion from here. This link is an affiliate link, which means that I may get a commission, incase you book an excursion through the link.


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