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Gad-restaurants in Hurghada

Bread, falafel, lentil soup and mashed potatoes from GAD restaurant.

If you want to try local Egyptian food in Hurghada, but feel you uncomfortable to go to the small street restaurants, try GAD-restaurants. There are three GAD-restaurants in Hurghada, one in El Mamsha, one in Sakkala (Sheraton road) and one in Dahar. See locations here.

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GAD-restaurants in El Mamsha Hurghada Egypt is easy to access.
GAD-restaurants in El Mamsha Hurghada Egypt.

GAD-restaurants serve authentic Egyptian food with a westerly nuance. They serve out various traditional Egyptian dishes, but they also have pizza and burgers. If you are not sure, whether you like Egyptian food or not, take a cheeseburger with some Egyptian food aside. Prices in GAD-restaurants are very reasonable. Soups from 10 Egyptian pounds (le.) to cheeseburger 25 le.


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I don’t eat in the GAD-restaurants very often myself, but when I go, I take the same dishes every time. To be honest I have eaten myself out from GAD food, too much GAD food I mean. I have tried lots of dishes there and drawn up a perfect menu for myself.

My menu includes lentil soup (my favourite), falafels, mashed potatoes and baba ganoush. Baba ganoush made from eggplants, tahini (sesame seed paste, garlic, lemon & sat), it’s very good. Here is a picture of my dinner from last week, without baba ganoush.

Of me, it tastes and looks good. And the price is not bad at all. All this with water costs about 40 Egyptian pounds (le.). It is about 1,8£, 2€ and 2,2$. And believe me, you will be filled after eating all the falafels. They are crunchy, oily and tastes excellent. I highly recommend this combo for everyone. Including myself.

Like said before, there are lots of dishes from were to choose from. If you go to eat with a bigger group, I’m sure everyone will find something to eat, since they serve everything from pigeons to crepes.

GAD-restaurants have also non-smoking areas, therefore it’s suitable for families and non-smokers.

Kids will love to eat in GAD, especially after they notice that they offer Nutella crepes there. If you are travelling with small kids, strollers or disabled persons, I recommend you to choose the GAD in Mamsha. The restaurant is located on the ground floor, which makes it easy to access.

Enjoy your meal at the GAD restaurants.

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