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Best restaurants in Hurghada Egypt

the best restaurants in hurghada Egypt

How much eating out costs in Hurghada? Which are the best restaurants in Hurghada? Which of the restaurants in Hurghada are worth going and why? Here is all you need to know about eating out in Egypt’s Hurghada.

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There are hundreds of restaurants and bars in Hurghada from authentic Egyptian restaurants to International kitchens.

But still, most of the restaurants in Hurghada have similar menus and concept which consists; Pizza, Pasta, Steak, Chicken and Burgers (WINK, WINK something new, PLEASE).

Competition is hard. Restaurants and bars come and go fast, new ones are opened daily, some of them stay open for weeks, others months or even years. One day you find a good restaurant and next week it’s already closed.

The view from Granada restaurant in Hurghada.
Granada restaurant is located next to the sea.

Some of the best restaurants in Hurghada have managed to keep up their good reputation and customers happy for years. So, it’s most likely, that these restaurants in the list will be open in the future when you travel to Hurghada. This is why, I will make a list of my favourite restaurants in Hurghada based on food, atmosphere and view.

In other words the list of the best restaurants in Hurghada made by Hanna.

I will add Facebook pages and/or websites of the restaurants, so you can take a closer look at the restaurants before visiting them. But first, some general information about eating out in Hurghada.

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How much eating out costs in Hurghada?

In most of the restaurants in Hurghada, you get your stomach filled with reasonable prices. Even the most expensive restaurants in Egypt are cheap compared to European prices.

Usually, food is good and tasty, but because menus and ingredients are similar, there is not much variation between the restaurants and the dishes.

If you want to have a better dinner, you should definitely visit El Gouna. There you find more high-quality restaurants. But remember that El Gouna is more expensive compared to Hurghada, prices at the restaurants are at least doubled in El Gouna.

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Also, there are lots of nice restaurants in Hurghada Marina.

Here are some examples of the restaurant prices in Hurghada for one person:

  • Local beer (0,5l) 20-45 Egyptian pounds (LE),
  • Water and Sodas 10-20 LE,
  • Nescoffee 15-30 LE,
  • Cocktails 50-100 LE,
  • Pizza, Pasta & Burgers 50-80 LE,
  • Chicken meal about 70-100 LE.
  • Steak meal 100-180 LE.

Here is a link to currency converter for checking the prices in your currency.

At the restaurant, check the menu and prices before ordering. I remind that these are average prices from places where I prefer going. Some restaurants add sales tax or/and service charge. This should be written/mentioned on the menu.

And don’t forget to tip the waiter! I usually tip even if the service is included.

Most restaurants in Hurghada are casual, and so is the dress code. Off course, if you go to fine dining or 5* hotel dinner, you are not allowed to go in with shorts and sandals. Use your sense and you will be fine!

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The best restaurants in Hurghada by the view, food and atmosphere

Mafia restaurant- Best pizza in Hurghada

El Mamsha, Siva mall, next to Siva Grand Beach hotel.

The best pizza in hurghada is served in Mafia next to siva grand beach beach hotel
Mafia restaurant is located next to Siva Grand Beach Hotel.

The best pizza in Hurghada is served in Mafia Restaurant. Mafia is an Italian restaurant which is located in Mamsha promenade next Siva Grand Beach hotel.

If you stand in the front of the entrance to Siva grand beach hotel, it’s on your left side. There is also a Thai restaurant called Thai Garden located next to Mafia restaurant. Some say that the food is excellent there, I say it’s good. But with the interior, it’s worth visiting and seeing.

Both of these restaurants are a little bit more expensive. Last time I visited Mafia, beer was 45 LE. and Pizza about 70 LE. Not bad for pizza, but beer is “expensive” in Hurghada’s scale. Actually, it used to be more expensive, but not anymore, since all the prices have gone up.

Pizza hurghada.
My favourite pizza in Mafia.

The best thing is, that both of these restaurants are non-smoking restaurants. It’s not easy to find non-smoking restaurants in Hurghada. If you have kids with you, here you don’t have to worry about the smoking inside.

More information: 

Bulls restaurant-The best burgers and food for everyone

One of the oldest and most popular restaurants in Hurghada is the Bulls, which is located at the beginning of old Sheraton road, opposite to Marriot hotel and Dream Beach.

Bulls is one of the oldest and best restaurants in Hurghada Egypt.
Bulls is one of the oldest and best restaurants in Hurghada Egypt.

From Bulls you get good food for the decent price; Pizzas, Burgers, Steaks even Chinese food. Bulls also have home delivery service and a bakery. I personally love their homemade burgers and cheesecake, the portions are big and tasty.

Granada restaurant & pub | The best view in Hurghada

Granada is located in Old Sheraton Road close to the Red Sea.
Granada is located in Old Sheraton Road close to the Red Sea.

Granada is not the most family-friendly, neither a wallet-friendly restaurant, but for sure it has the best view in Hurghada. Granada restaurant is located by Old Sheraton Road, and it has a direct sea view.

If you want to enjoy food, atmosphere and the view, visit Granada. It’s been a while since I went there last time, but I heard that they have a minimum charge of 250 Egyptian pounds or so in the evenings. Prepare for that, and your experience will be nicer.

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Caribbean bar | The best cocktails with a laid back atmosphere and sea view

View from Caribbean Bar Hurghada Egypt.

In the Caribbean bar, you get to enjoy delicious cocktails and tasty food with an amazing atmosphere and sea view.

Twice a month (first Friday and 3rd Sunday) they arrange popular all you can eat brunch (I recommend, it’s worth going), There is also Karaoke (on Tuesdays) and live music on Saturdays. More pictures and information on their facebook  page.

The Caribbean bar is located inside Bella Vista hotel at the beginning of Sheraton Road. To go inside to the bar, you need to pass hotel security first. For foreigners, there is no problem to go inside the hotel area. Just don’t forget to bring your passport with you.

If you are accompanied by Egyptian friends, you should make a reservation beforehand to avoid problems with getting in. This is because of the hotel security rules.

Moby Dick restaurant | The best steak restaurant in Hurghada

Moby Dick Restaurant is located on the left side next to Gad Restaurant.
Moby Dick Restaurant is located on the left side next to Gad Restaurant.

Moby Dick is one of the most popular restaurants in Hurghada. The food and service there are always excellent. This is why it’s full most of the evenings, even though it’s a little bit more expensive than the other restaurants in Sheraton Road.

The steaks in Moby Dick restaurants are super delicious. They are even serving camel steaks, which are told to be super delicious. The Restaurant is located next to GAD-restaurant in Sheraton Street. It may be little hard to spot, in the picture it is on the left side of the GAD restaurant sign.

More info:

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Esplanada Sphinx- A popular restaurant among the residents

Last but not least Esplanada Sphinx, which is located at Esplanada mall in El Mamsha. They serve steak, pasta, pizza, burger, chicken and everything else. The Thing that makes this restaurant one of my favourite ones; is free sauces and bread.

When you order a main course from the list, you get oriental bread and sauces for free. I love these sauces, mainly because they are free of charge and tastes good. To be honest, I don’t care about the food, unless I get the sauces.

Also, Good news for beer lovers, it’s very cheap there, last time it was only 20 Egyptian pounds.

All these are the restaurants which have maintained their reputation and keep on going from year to year. Some could use a little facelift and update the menu, but would they be the same restaurants after? Which are your favourite restaurants in Hurghada?

Enjoy your dinner!


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