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A visa to Egypt | Egypt visa requirements F.A.Qs

Egypt visa requirements.

Do you need a visa to Egypt? Where and how to get an Egypt visa? How much is a Egypt visa? In this article: all you need to know about purchasing a visa to Egypt.

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These are common questions from tourists visiting in Egypt for the first time. Questions are simple, but it’s still hard to find reliable and up-to-date information about an Egypt visa.

I have collected all the up-to-date information I have about the Egypt visa in this article.

Read this information about a Egypt visa carefully and remember:

Visa regulations and visa policy of Egypt may change in a day without any pre-warning. If you are unsure about your visa to Egypt, contact with Egyptian consulate or embassy of Egypt in your country. They should have the latest up-to-date information about visa to Egypt.

Egypt visa policy
Visa policy of Egypt. Image: Twofortnights

To get the most recent information about Egypt visa requirements, contact the Egyptian Embassy or consulate in your country before travelling to Egypt.

Here is all the information I have about the visa to Egypt. The article is being updated constantly.


  1. Who needs a visa to Egypt? Do you need a visa to go to Egypt? General information about Egypt Visa
  2. How much visa to Egypt costs? Egypt visa fees
  3. Visa on arrival-Can I get a visa to Egypt on arrival?
  4. E-visa to Egypt? How to apply E-visa to Egypt?
  5. Visa extension in Egypt-What if I need to stay more than 30-days?
  6. What if I overstay my visa to Egypt?

1. Who needs a visa to Egypt? Do you need a visa to go to Egypt? General information about a visa to Egypt

Everyone who is travelling to Egypt needs to obtain a visa to enter Egypt (excluding visa extemp countries). Even the kids all ages.

Most of the tourists visiting Egypt buy a visa from the airport ON ARRIVAL or online beforehand (E-VISA to Egypt). You can also purchase it from the Egyptian embassy or consulate in your country.

If the purpose of your travel is other than tourism, contact the embassy or consulate of Egypt in your country.

Single entry tourist visa to Egypt on arrival cost 25$ USD and is valid for 30-days.
Single entry tourist visa to Egypt on arrival cost 25$ USD and is valid for 30-days.

Required travelling documents to Egypt

To receive a tourist visa to Egypt you need to have a passport (or other accepted travel documents). The passport must be valid at least six months after your entering to Egypt.

In addition, there must be at least one blank page in your passport where to attach the visa sticker on arrival. If you have purchased E-VISA to Egypt, take a print with you.

The citizens of EU, the United States or the United Kingdom who are travelling to Sharm El Sheik, Dahab, Nuweiba or Taba and staying less than 15-days, won’t need a visa.

In this case, your passport will be stamped instead of a visa. If you visit outside these areas, you must obtain a visa.

Landing card

Before you go to the immigration desk with your visa you need to fill a landing card. The card is usually given to you at the aeroplane. A landing card is a card, where you fill in your personal information (name, date of birth, place of birth, passport number) and your address in Egypt (eg. Hotel). You must give the card to the officer at the immigration desk.

Another card must be filled in at the airport before you leave Egypt. So, Remember to pack a pen with you!

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2. How much does a visa to Egypt cost? Egypt visa fees

A renewable tourist visa for single entry to Egypt cost 25 USD $. It is valid for 30-days.

Both e-visa and visa on arrival cost the same amount of money. When buying a visa on arrival, be prepared to pay visa in cash. E-visa is paid online with a credit or debit card.

Euros € or English Sterling £ are also acceptable currencies. The exchange is usually given back in Egyptian pounds (LE.). Cards and coins aren’t most likely to be acceptable, though I’ve bought my visa from Hurghada airport for 23€.

If you are planning to visit Egypt more than once in six months, you can apply multi-entry e-visa to Egypt. It cost 60 USD and is valid for six months. In six months you can enter Egypt multiple times, though the maximum stay at once is 30-days (90-day in total).

In case you are staying more than 30-days in Egypt, you need to apply for a visa extension from a local passport & immigration office in Egypt.

Visa extension for six months costs 1105 Egyptian pounds (LE). You can also apply for a multi-entry visa from the office. This costs 565 LE extra. More about visa extension later.

You can also apply for a visa from the embassy of Egypt in your country. This option may be more expensive, but easier. The prices vary between the countries.

Note, that your passport needs to be valid six months after travelling to Egypt.

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3. A visa on arrival | Can I buy a visa to Egypt on arrival?

All European Union, the United States, Canadian & Australian citizens can obtain a visa to Egypt on arrival.

Also, citizens of Georgia, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Norway, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine can obtain a visa to Egypt on arrival.

A single-entry tourist visa on arrival costs 25 USD $ or equivalent in Euros € or pounds sterling £.

Remember to take cash with you. Exchange is given back in Egyptian pounds (LE). A visa on arrival is a renewable, single-entry and it is valid for 30-days. If you stay in Egypt over 30-days, you must renew the visa in a local passport and immigration office.

After landing to Egypt, buying a visa is the first thing you do at the airport.

From where you should purchase a visa on arrival?

Official bank kiosks are selling visa stickers at the airports. Try to keep looking for the bank signs to get to the right place. In Cairo international airport they are located on the side of the passport control area. In Hurghada airport, the bank kiosks are on the right side after you enter the arrivals hall.

Make sure you are on the right desk. There are desks where the travel agency representatives work, they also sell visa stickers, but they charge more. If you have bought your visa beforehand through a travel company, you should go to representatives desks. Your travel guide will inform you about this! Otherwise, you buy your visa from the bank.

After you have purchased a visa, place it to your passport (your passport has to be at least one empty page) and head straight to the immigration desks.

You need to buy your visa sticker before reaching the immigration.

All this may sound very complicated, but it’s actually a simple procedure. Just follow the others and everything will be fine!

Visa kiosks are open 24/7. You will get your visa, though you arrive in Egypt in the middle of the night.

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4. E-visa to Egypt | How to apply E-visa to Egypt?

If you have an e-visa to Egypt, you don’t need to queue a visa at the airport.

But you need to do this: Fill the application, attach support document (picture of your passport), pay it online and after getting a visa you need to print a copy of it.

After filling the visa application, I came to the conclusion that I’m happy to queue for a while at the airport than apply e-visa. If you decide to apply an e-visa to Egypt, here is information about it. Good luck!

General information about E-visa to Egypt

At the moment the citizens of these following 46 countries can apply for a tourist e-visa to Egypt. Make sure your country is on the list before applying Egypt e-visa.

When you start to fill e-visa application to Egypt, make sure you applying it from the official page.

There are lots of unofficial websites advertising e-visas to Egypt. The picture below is from the official page. In case the page looks different or the fee is more than 25 USD, you are most likely to be in unofficial page.

Single entry tourist visa to Egypt on arrival cost 25$ USD and is valid for 30-days.
Single entry tourist visa to Egypt on arrival cost 25$ USD and is valid for 30-days.

E-visa to Egypt is valid for 90-days after issuing. Send the application early enough in case any problems. E-visa can be refused for miss-spelling or other small mistakes.

The application must be send at least one week before travelling to Egypt.

Egypt E-visa types:

There are two kinds of e-visas types to Egypt.

SINGLE ENTRY VISA: A Single entry visa for tourists is valid for 30-days and cost 25 USD $. E-visa is paid online with MasterCard, Visa Card or other Debit Card.

The single entry visa will be expired if you exit Egypt. In other words, it’s not valid after you leave the country. If you enter Egypt again, you need to purchase a new visa.

MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA: If you are planning to visit Egypt more than once, you should apply a multi-entry visa to Egypt. It costs 60 USD $ and you are allowed to visit Egypt more than once in six months. You can stay up to 30-days once (max- 90-days in six months).


E-visa process:

Here are step-by-step instructions for applying e-visa to Egypt.


The password must have upper and lower letters. At least one number and special character. Not more than two equal characters in a row. Plus it has to be at least eight characters long. Huh.


After sign up, you will receive an e-mail to verify your e-mail address. You need to verify your e-mail address in 24-hours, otherwise, you need to create a new account. Your account is ready to use after verifying.


After creating an account, sign in with your e-mail address and password you created. Be very careful with filling the application. In the case of typos, a visa will be refused.


Travel Information: Application type (single, family, group); Visa Type (Tourism), Entry Type (single or multiple); A country you are travelling from (select); Expected arrive and departure dater (select).

Applicant information:

All your names (first, middle & last) as in your passport; Gender (male or female); Date of birth (select); Country of birth; Current nationality; Origin nationality; Profession; Marital status.

Passport information:

Passport type (ordinary passport); Passport number (the number of your passport); Place of an issue (select); Issue & Expire dates (select); Have you been to Egypt before? -Yes or no, If yes when?; Date from & to (select);  Where did you stay during this period? -(answer); Have you been deported from Egypt or any other country before? yes or no; if yes write the reason.

Contact details:

Type your E-mail address, phone number & address.

Supporting document:

Attach a picture of your passport information page. Only files of type JPG and PNG are allowed. File size shall not exceed 500 KB and file name shall not contain any special characters or spaces.


Host information:

Host Type (Family, a Tourism company, Self, Other); Hostname (type); Host number (type); Host e-mail and address (type); Who is paying travel and accommodation cost? (select)


After you have filled your application, download the draft and re-check the application. After making sure everything is ok with the application,

Read and agree application data to confirm your application.


You will get an e-mail about your e-visa status.

Note! The application must be in at least one week before travelling to Egypt.

Egypt electronic visa eligibility. Image: Twofortnights
Egypt electronic visa eligibility. Image: Twofortnights

More information about E-visa to Egypt from the official page of the Egyptian government.

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5. Visa extension | What if I want to stay over 30-days?

If you enter Egypt, buy 30-days tourist visa and wish to stay longer, you need to apply a visa extension in Egypt from a local passport & immigration office.

You can apply a normal extension or multiple entry visa from the office.

Cost of a visa extension has increased multiple times in past years. At the moment visa extension to Egypt cost 1105 Egyptian pounds (LE.). This may change.

To renew your visa in Egypt you need to prove that you have accommodation in Egypt. The documents you need; a stamped rental contract, a hotel reservation or ownership documents of your property.

Getting a stamped rental contract may be an issue since many Egyptian landlords are avoiding to pay the taxes. A rental contract must be stamped in a real estate authentication office.

To renew your visa to Egypt, you need passport pictures (2), photocopies of your passport information page and your latest entry visa with you. I usually bring three copies of both. Pictures for a visa can be taken in Egypt. Actually, the photos are very cheap there.

When you arrive at the visa office, you fill the visa application, hand it to the officer working in the passport office, pay the fee and queue again to leave the application in. The officer tells you when to come to pick up your passport. In Hurghada, you get your passport back the next day.

Usually, you get a six months visa extension, but also this depends on your nationality or officer. (This about to change in the near future). After a year you need to exit Egypt for 24 hours.

An extended visa won’t allow you to work in Egypt. Therefore, you need to apply a work permit in case you are planning to work in Egypt.

Check your passport and visa dates carefully before leaving the visa office. I didn’t do it last time. And I managed well until I had to show my visa. -You don’t have a valid visa. -Yes, I do have. I have renewed my visa. But it has the wrong dates. Luckily, I noticed this before travelling outside of Egypt.

Even if stay less than 30-days in Egypt, you may need a visa extension, for example, to sign the official documents. If you, for example, buy a property from Egypt, your signature can’t be authorised without a valid resident visa.

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6. What if I overstay my visa to Egypt?

If you stay in Egypt without a visa, you will be having a problem at the latest when exiting Egypt. Renew your visa on time, and you’ll have fewer problems.

If you broke your Egypt visa, you will pay a fine at the airport. At the moment the fine is 1655 LE. for 1-3 months brake. The more you stay, the more you pay. This may have changed.

Actually, it’s better not to rely 100 % on anything you hear. If you want to be extra sure about something, ask from the authorities in the consulate or embassy. They should have the answers.

Here was all the information I have about the visa to Egypt. I hope you found the answers you were looking for. Enjoy your time in Egypt!


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