El Gouna is a luxury holiday resort about 25 kilometres away from Hurghada. If you are on your holiday in Hurghada, you should definitely go and visit El Gouna. It’s totally worth it. Read here how to spend an unforgettable day in El Gouna.

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El Gouna has been developed by Orascom Development Company. Its’ chairman Samih Sawiris, is one of the richest men in Egypt. He wanted to find a perfect spot for his house and boat. And he did. 30 years later, El Gouna has grown to be one of the most popular luxury tourist resorts in Egypt.

It is a gated peaceful area, where everything is in order. The tourists all over the world come to enjoy its unique atmosphere, architecture, and facilities.

There is no place like El Gouna, Venice of Egypt.

El Gouna with its' lagoons, beaches and beautiful costline is worth visiting. El Gouna, Hurghada, Egypt, Ägypten, Egypten, Egipt, Egitto
El Gouna is called Venice of Egypt.

El Gouna is considered to be Orascom Developments’ masterpiece of art. With its’ lagoons, coastline and unique architecture El Gouna is a pearl of the Red Sea.

There are 18 Hotels, over 100 Restaurants, 3 Marinas, a Hospital, an International school, Kite-Surfing centre, 18-Hole golf course, Moto-cross track, Horse-riding stable, Sliders cable park and many more things to do and see in El Gouna.

Like El Gouna itself, things to do there are also special. You can’t see or do everything in one day, but you can try. And, I will help you. 

More about things to do in El Gouna https://elgouna.directory/

El Gouna, Hurghada, Egypt, Ägypten.
El Gouna is an exciting, clean and safe place to visit.


Last time I went to El Gouna in January 2019 I took a taxi there. I used ABC-taxi company and paid 126 Egyptian pounds (le.) from Sheraton road (Sakala) to Downtown El Gouna. It took about 45 minutes to get there.

I came back with another private car company and paid 200 le. It was late and I didn’t want to wait for a taxi, so I asked my friend to call the car company she prefers to use. At least I knew that the car would be good and safe for sure. 200 pounds is maximum, what you should pay for one way.

Uber, Careem and other private car companies are also operating in Hurghada and El Gouna. From my experience, both uber and careem are a little bit cheaper than private car companies, but the condition of the cars is not that good compared to private car companies. For example, last time I took Uber, seat belt in the front wasn’t working at all. I’m happy to pay a few pounds more for safety because the traffic is crazy in Egypt.

This is why I prefer private car companies, especially when travelling with a child.

There is also a small bus operating between Hurghada-El Gouna. It leaves from El Dahar downtown to El Gouna downtown every 20 minutes. Last time I took the bus to El Gouna from Hurghada in 2017.

It cost 5 Egyptian pounds in one way. Most likely it is more expensive these days, my guess is 10 le. It was quite a bumpy ride and took about one hour or more to get there. It was quite an experience, but worth trying.

If you want to travel more comfortably, take a taxi and forget the bus.



Once you get inside El Gouna, you probably want to see the different areas and move around there. There are two main areas; Abu Tigi Marina, which obviously is a Marina, with its’ restaurants, yachts and Seaview. And Downtown, where you find lots of restaurants, shops and bars.

Moving around El Gouna is fun with Tok toks. To be honest, I thought they only exist in Asia, but Egypt always surprises.

If you want a more calm ride, there is also a shuttle bus operating between different areas. More details from https://elgouna.com/transportation/

Tuk tuks are popular way to move around el Gouna Egyt.
Getting around El Gouna with Tuk Tuks is fun and affordable.



Whenever I take a new visitor to El Gouna, the first place we visit there El Gouna is Golfclub (google maps link here). Next to the Golf Club, there is a tower, from where you get to see how amazing El Gouna is.

Visiting tower is free, but there is a restaurant downstairs in case you get hungry or thirsty after climbing up to the tower. Climbing to the tower is a small exercise, but totally worth suffering.

El Gouna Golf tower is about 6 kilometres away from Abu Tigi Marina and about 4 kilometres away from Downtown.

I usually stop by the tower on my way to El Gouna. Ask the taxi to wait for a while; Climb up to the tower, take some pictures, enjoy the view and continue with the same taxi to Marina, Downtown or where ever you are about to go.

El Gouna Golf tower is a place visit when visiting in El Gouna. View from golf clubs' tower is amazing and totally worth visiting. El Gouna, Hurghada, Egypt, Ägypten, Egypten, Egipt, Egitto
Beautiful sunset from El Gouna golf tower.


After sightseeing Golf club tower, it’s time to relax. Abu Tigi Marina (Google map link here) is a perfect place to enjoy the sun and relax.

Have a cocktail or two and enjoy the international atmosphere of El Gouna. There are multiple high-quality restaurants, coffee shops, and bars with terraces around the Marina. Go to the Art gallery, take a walk around the Marina, buy souvenirs, admire the biggest yachts and boats you have ever seen (unless you from Monaco or Nice).

If you desire for the sun and your daily dose of vitamin-D is not filled yet, go to the MOODS restaurant and beach club. MOODS has access to the beach. It is located here.

More about the beaches in El Gouna here.

Abu Tigi Marina in El Gouna is a stunning Marina and a place to visit in El Gouna. There are lots of restaurants, and coffee shops in El Gouna Marina. El Gouna, Hurghada, Egypt, Ägypten, Egypten, Egipt, Egitto
Abu Tigi Marina El Gouna.

Be prepared that prices at the restaurants in El Gouna are higher, compared to Hurghada.


After exploring Marina, it’s time to move to DOWNTOWN El Gouna. Downtown with its’ surroundings (Tamr Henna) is worth visiting. Nubian architecture is beautiful, and all the areas are nice and clean. It’s child-friendly (no cars driving fast) and it’s easy to move there, as most of the parts in El Gouna.

El Gouna, Hurghada, Egypt, Ägypten, Egypten, Egipt, Egitto
Welcome to Downtown, El Gouna.

Compared to Hurghada, El Gouna is cleaner, calmer and more child-friendly, especially from the safety point of view.

It’s a good holiday destination for the ones, who wants to have “a slow holiday.” I mean, go to the beach, enjoy the sun and eat well. There is all you need around you. I consider El Gouna to be a little bit boring, but as a relaxing holiday destination, it’s excellent.

Downtown EL Gouna in the evening.
Downtown EL Gouna in the evening.

Especially for the ones, who are visiting Egypt for the first time or haven’t been travelling much, El Gouna is a perfect choice. El Gouna is clean, quiet, safe and beautiful.



There are over 100 restaurants in El Gouna. If you love eating, as I do, you should definitely try the restaurants there.

There are some really good restaurants in El Gouna, for example, Chuchichäschtli-Swiss restaurant offers delicious food. Restaurants that I have tried have all been good, but they are more expensive compared to Hurghada.

Remember that Egypt is very cheap at the moment, which makes El Gouna not very expensive either. But if you are on a budget holiday, Hurghada is a better choice for you than El Gouna.

Also, shopping is more expensive in El Gouna and honestly, there is not much to shop. There is a small bazaar (souk) in Downtown, some boutiques, an electronics store, and few grocery stores, but it’s definitely not a shoppers paradise. If you want to shop a lot, maybe El Gouna is not for you. But of course, you can always visit Hurghada from El Gouna.

It doesn’t matter, If you are a shopper or not, I recommend you to visit El Gouna at least for one day. I’m sure you love it there!

Enjoy and have a lovely day in El Gouna!


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Read more about El Gouna from El Gouna’s’ official website https://elgouna.com/

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