El Kawther Hurghada at night.

Planning to visit Hurghada or moving to Hurghada, Egypt? Or just want to know more about the city of Hurghada. Continue reading to know everything you need to know about El Kawther area in Hurghada, Egypt.

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El Kawther (also called El Kawthar, Kawsar, Kauwser and so on) is said to be the most European areas in Hurghada, Egypt. It is located close to El Mamsha, right beside the airport, between Mubarak 2 and Mubarak 6 areas.

Beside El Kawther, there is a new residential area called New El Kawther. New El Kawther is kind of continuum for El Kawthar area.

El Kawther is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Hurghada Egypt.
El Kawther promenade Hurghada Egypt.


El Kawther is an area, where you find everything you need for living: supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants, coffee shops, shops for clothes, shoes, toys, daycare, playground for kids, school, hairdresser, gym and so on.

Everything you need is close, a walking distance away from you. If something is missing from El Kawther, then it’s not that important.

There are lots of European residents living in El Kawther area. Because the area is popular among foreign residents, the rents and apartments in this area are higher and more expensive, when compared to average prices in Hurghada, Egypt.

If you are looking to rent or buy a flat from El Kawther area in Hurghada, you’re most likely to pay a little bit extra. At the moment, the average rent for a month (long term) for the one-bedroom apartment in Hurghada is about 1500 Egyptian pounds (LE.) to 4000 LE. plus utilities. Usually, flats are rented with furniture.

Most of the buildings in El Kawther are residential. Some of them have pools and other services, these buildings are called compounds. Compounds are popular, especially amongst holiday renters.



If you want to rent an apartment for one a week or two from Hurghada, it’s not hard to find one. You rent a flat for short term and pay rent per night. Average prices vary from 250 Egyptian pounds till 1000 LE. Per/night.

Popular and clean compounds for renting in El Kawther area are Regency Tower & British Resort. For sure, there are other ones as well, but these are the compounds I’ve been myself and know that they are nice, clean and safe.

If you are looking for an apartment to rent from Hurghada, El Kawthar is the best area to start looking for one.

As an area, El Kawthar is one of the cleanest areas in Hurghada. But we are in Egypt, so it’s not that clean anywhere, expect hotel areas. This is what may be a little shocking for the ones visiting the first time in Egypt.

But luckily, Hurghada has been investing in keeping the city clean. There are HECPA cleaners going around the city with a brush and shovel. If you see some area is very dirty, you can even call for HECPA to clean the area.

There are also lots of unfinished buildings everywhere in Egypt and Hurghada (I hope they finish them all someday).  Also in El Kawther. As an area, El Kawther has developed a lot during the past years.

Last year there was built a new promenade going through the area. A promenade connects El Kawther to El Mamsha. It’s very beautiful at night and worth seeing. Picture below.



Best way to see El Kawther area is to take a walk for a new promenade that goes through El Kawther.

If you differ from the promenade and go wander around El Kawther area, you may find yourself from the cat coffee shop called Purrfect cuppa. They have delicious cakes, coffee and cats of course.

If you are after good cakes, you must visit in La Pomme bakery. It’s not actually alongside the promenade, but nor far away from the road either. La Pomme is by far the best bakery in Hurghada. I love their cheesecake. Even if you don’t want to buy cakes or pastries, go to see La Pomme You’ll be amazed how beautiful and cheap cakes are in Egypt!

Other good bakeries in the area are Germanese Bakery (Bread and Basket in Lotus Compound building) and Carthage Bakery And Pastry (British Resort building).

There are some nice restaurants in El Kawther area, I recommend you to try. Right next to the promenade, you find a Burger bar called Munchies, they have delicious burgers!

Next to Munchies, there is a restaurant called El Kawher restaurant & cafe, where they serve oriental Egyptian food. The food there is cheap and good. Plus they have a very effective air-conditioning!

Other good restaurants in El Kawther area are Om Yamm Kitchen (Egyptian food) and Boska restaurant, which is worth trying. Boska has a very nice interior and a playing area for kids.



El Kawther is the nicest area in Hurghada to live with the kids. Actually, it’s the only area in Hurghada were has a decent outdoor playground for the kids. OASIS mothers and kids club is located in Regency Towers building.

In OASIS mothers and kids club, kids can play safely inside the gates. Fathers are also welcomed to play. It is not like we used to in Europe, but it’s close. It’s open daily from 01.00 pm (13.00) to 10.00 pm (22.00).

There is no entrance fee, but you have to spend at least 30 Egyptian (LE.) pounds for food and beverage. More info: https://www.facebook.com/The-OASIS-Mothers-CLUB843594802469536/

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Another nice place to visit in El Kawther is Hurghada Bowling Center.

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Whatever you need to buy, you can find it from El Kawther are. There are lots of special reteiling shops there, for example, a small hardware store, Home appliance shop, Furniture galleries, Kitchen design firms and so on. Most of these shops are right next to the promenade.

Shops in El Kawther area.
Shops in El Kawther area.

If you want to see more shops and compare the prices (El Kawther is not the cheapest area in Hurghada), you should pay a visit to El Nasr street in El Dahar, Hurghada, Egypt.

From El Dahar find everything from bathroom tiles to baby strollers. Also, El Salam street, where you find lots of carpenters and other craftman is worth visiting and seeing.

Inside El Kawther, between the promenade and Mubarak 2 area, you will see smaller shops for clothes, jewellery, spices, home appliances and so on. These shops are not tourist shops, there you may find treasures for a small price. Take a look around and be surprised.

In case you want to buy something more special there is Bestway supermarket very close to El Kawther. Actually, it is located near the banks’ area in New El Kawther side.

Bestway has lots of imported products, which you can’t find anywhere else in Hurghada. Next to Bestway, there is a new big supermarket called Ragab Sons. They sell everything from sugar to home appliances.

Small supermarkets and fruit shops are located around the area, and they are usually open till late at night. Some are open 24/7. Bigger supermarkets in the El Kawther area  Metro and Abu Ashara, where you find all the basic ingredients for cooking.

The biggest difference between Metro and Abu Ashara is that Metro has a meat dish but Abu Ashara has a cake dish instead. It’s always hard to decide which one to go, meat or cake?

Also, there are some nice shops for shoes and clothes in El Kawther. Go inside and explore El Kawther, you won’t regret it!

Here were my tips for El Kawther #Hurghada. Is there something else you would like to know about the area of Hurghada, #Egypt?


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