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How to experience Egypt from your home

experience Egypt from your home

Do you miss Egypt? I hope we can get there soon, Egypt is waiting for us. But meanwhile, here is how you can experience Egypt at home.

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Before you start reading this list, put on your summer clothes and turn the heat on. Imagine yourself to Egypt, feels amazing, doesn’t it?

Here is how you can bring Egypt to your home. Enjoy Egypt!

Listen to Egyptian music

When you are in Egypt, you hear music everywhere. If there are opening ceremonies for the shop or restaurant, it’s sure that everyone within two kilometres knows or hear about it.

A taxi can turn into the disco and the party can start even in the supermarket. Bring Egypt to your home and listen to the egyptian music!

Egyptian music on Youtube.

Here are few Egyptian musicians who you should get to know:

Amr Diab is probably the most well-known Egyptian singer, whose career has lasted for decades. Listen to Amr Diab on Youtube click here.

Sherine is an Egyptian female artists. She is also known as an actor and tv-host. Watch and listen Sherine on Youtube click here.

Tamer Hosny is known for his romantic songs. He published his first album already in 2004. Here is a link to his Youtube channel: By the way, Tamer Hosny has 5.5 million subscribers on Youtube.

Arabsounds Youtube channel has made a list of the 20 best Egyptian Songs of 2019. Which song is your favourite?

Choose your favourite photo from Egypt and order a photo on canvas

Want to bring Egypt to your home? Pick-up your favourite picture of Egypt and order a photo printed canvas. Or if you have skills, you can paint your own Egyptian landscape to your home.

It’s very simple. You just choose a good quality picture and the company will print it on canvas. Depending, where you order it from, you can even add the text. Here is a canvas I designed myself (very fast though).

Open Youtube

If you want to hear and experience the vibe in the egyptian streets open Youtube. Here are some of my favourite videos from Egypt:

Downtown Cairo, places to visit in Cairo Published: 11.10.2017, duration: 4:55 minutes by ConollyCove

Cairo, Egypt. Cairo and the pyramids of Giza from the sky. Published: 25.01.2018, duration 3:29 minutes by Places & people

The Red Sea views. This video is for everyone missing the Red Sea. Published: 08.05.2017, duration 02:20 minutes by 4K relaxation channel.

El Dahar Square, Hurghada. This is my first and only Youtube video from Hurghada by so far. Published: 29.03.2019, duration 1:20 minutes by Lifebeyondex.

Sharm El-Sheikh. A great video about Sharm El Sheikh. Published: 18.06.2019. Duration 3:28 minutes by Feras Shata.

Visit the ancient Egypt sites online

There are lots to see in Egypt. Hundreds of touristic sites and you have a chance to visit just a few of them. Now, there is a chance to visit ancient Egypt sites online.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiques in Egypt has launched a virtual program collaboration together with its partners. The virtual tours and videos are from archaeological sites and museums around Egypt.

A screenshot inside of a tomb of Pharaoh Ramses VI.

The tours and videos are published on the official website and social media platforms (Facebook) of the ministry of tourism and antiques in Egypt.

Official Facebook page of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiques.

The virtual 3D-tours that have been published by the 8th of May 2020:

Alfath Mosque in Cairo, Egypt.

Muhammed Ali Pasha Mosque located in Citadel of Cairo, Egypt.

Unas Pyramid in Cairo.

The step pyramid complex of Djoser in Giza desert, Saqqara, Giza governorate, Egypt.

The tomb of Niankh-khnum and Khunumhopet, Saqqara, Giza governorate, Egypt.

Mehu Tomb in Saqqara, Egypt.

The coptic museum in old Cairo (location here).

Wahty Tomb in Saqqara, Egypt.

A tomb of Pharaoh Ramses VI (KV2) The valley of the Kings in Luxor.

Catacombs-Kom El Shoqafa located in Alexandria, Egypt.

Beni Hasan Old cemetery site located close to El Minya, Egypt.

Ben Ezra synagogue in Old Cairo, Egypt.

Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Barquq located in Islamic Cairo, Cairo Egypt.

Red Monastery A Coptic Orthodox monastery located in the city of Sohaq in Upper Egypt.

Tomb of Queen Meresankh III (G7530-7540) in Giza area, Egypt.

The Tomb of Menna in the Theban Necropolis in Luxor Egypt.

Read the books

Books are the best way to move outside of your home by using your imagination. You can read e-books or even listen to audio books.

My all-time favourite book is the Egyptian. I recommend the book for everyone, whenever I have a chance. If you didn’t read it yet, try to find it and read it, I promise you won’t regret it. Once you start to read the book, you can’t stop reading.

This historical novel has been translated into 40 different languages. You can order the English version and read the reviews from Amazon link here (this is not an affiliate link).

If you are interested in the modern literature Egyptian Streets published a good article about the book written by Egyptian authors. You can see the article from this link.

Next: Cook Egyptian food

Prepare Egyptian dinner

When we are not in Egypt, we prepare Egyptian food. My favourite egyptian dish is definitely Koshari. I just can’t live without it.

Koshari is also quite easy to prepare. To prepare Egyptian koshari yourself, you need lots of pans and kettles. And the ingredients off course.

The ingredients are very basic, which you find from supermarkets all around the world. If you don’t find something, buy the one closest. For example, we are using green lentils instead of black ones.

Here are the ingredients we use in our home-made koshary:

  • Macaroni
  • Vermicelli (or small spaghetti)
  • Spaghetti
  • Rice
  • Green lentils
  • Garlic
  • Vinegar
  • Chilli (powder is ok if fresh is not available)
  • Fried onion
  • Chic beans
  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Tomato sauce /puré and junks in the can

Here is how we prepare koshari at home:

First of all, you need to make it a lot. You also need pans for rice and vermicelli mixture, for macaroni and pasta mixture, for lentils, beans and tomato sauce.

Lentils need to be boiled in one pan. If you have dried chic beans, they need to be soaked on the water at least 8 hours and boiled one hour before eating them. This is why we prefer buying canned chic beans.

The hardest part is to prepare is a tomato sauce. If tomato sauce is not good, either is koshari. Flavoured tomato sauce with vinegar, salt, black pepper and cumin. After the sauce is ready, you take some of it and prepare the chilli sauce.

Chilli sauce is tomato sauce with chili, garlic and extra vinegar. It’s supposed to be spicy and sour.

After everything is done you put them in the plate and enjoy. Don’t forget to add some fried onion on the top!

Here is a picture of our home-made koshari:

Our home-made Koshari.

Read more: Food in Egypt | Egyptian dishes you must try

Watch Egyptian movies online

After eating it’s time to relax and watch some TV. Movies are one of the best ways to experience Egypt from home. Actually, I was totally surprised when I found Egyptian movies from Netflix. There are lots of them.

You can also watch the Egyptian series and films from Youtube. Unfortunately, there are no subtitles on Youtube, but take it as an opportunity to learn Arabic.

Check the list of Egyptian movies on Netflix from this link (some of the films may have changed).

Watch documentaries about ancient Egypt

Internet is filled with the documentaries about ancient Egypt. Watch them all. By the way, how did they built the pyramids?

Play with hieroglyphics translator

Since I have lots of free time now, I found a cool hieroglyphics translator. Check it from here

Here is a picture of my translation.

hieroglyphics translator online
Stay home! Be Safe!

Here were my tips for experiencing Egypt at home. Do you have more ideas to share with us? If you do, leave a comment and share!

Last but not least: Stay safe and hope to see you back in Egypt as soon as possible! #stayhome

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