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How is Egypt planning to ensure the safety of the tourists

The safety in Egypt after the coronavirus ourtbreak

Egypt has welcomed tourists to visit Egypt again. When the international travel restrictions were on, Egypt made lots of measures to become a coronavirus free and safe travel destination. Egypt has started to receive tourists from the beginning of July from the countries who have opened their borders.

Here are the measures announced by so far for ensuring the safety of tourists visiting in Egypt. These measures may change and probably will according to the global and national coronavirus situation.

This article has been updated 6th of July 2020.

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Like said, Egypt has opened the airports and allows tourists to come to the country. Egypt has been preparing for receiving tourists again by making new safety regulations to all the hotels and touristic sites in Egypt.

The efforts which Egypt has done for ensuring the safety of the tourists are massive. These efforts have been recognized by world travel and tourism council and have allowed Egypt to use a stamp, which is awarded for the travel destinations who are following certain safety regulations.

More information:

It’s important to be ready and guarantee a safe holiday for all the tourists especially if coronavirus is still active.

We don’t know how the coronavirus will act in the future, but we know that it will affect tourism all over the world for long.

Even, when the crisis is over, people will be considering travelling more than earlier. This is why it’s crucial to plan and make sure the tourists can visit Egypt, without worries.

Here are the measures Egypt has announced for ensuring the safety of domestic and international tourists. Like said, these regulations will most likely to change according to the situation. The post will be updated regularly.

Next: General safety rules in Egypt after the coronavirus outbreak

General safety rules in Egypt after the coronavirus outbreak

Egypt is planning to go-exit from Coronavirus restrictions with the 3-stage program, which includes six articles. The starting dates for the program hasn’t been announced yet, but it has been said that Egypt starts to move to normal life by mid-June. The most important thing in this program is a mandatory using of facemasks.

Facemasks in public places will become obligatory in Egypt 30th of May until further notice. Penalty for violating the rule is from 4 000 Egyptian pounds to imprison.

Like said, the plan at the moment is to continue the current measures until the end of June. Read more about the current and up-coming measures against the spread of COVID-19 from these articles:

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Also, hand-sanitizers will be added to public places and hotels. The social distance must be also followed in the future until announced otherwise.

Image: Ministry of Tourism and antiques Egypt (

Updated safety regulations by Ministry of tourism and antiques (19th of June):

Safety measures at the airports:

Like we all are very aware of, the most important factor when preventing the spread of coronavirus is social distancing. The rules of social distancing will be followed at the airports of Egypt.

The thermal cameras to detect the coronavirus cases has been started to install at the airports of Egypt.

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Next: Safety measures on the touristic trips

Safety on touristic trips:

Touristic trips are playing an important role in the tourism field. This is why it’s crucial to make sure all the safety measures on the touristic trips will be fulfilled. Egypt’s Chamber of hotel establishment has set up guidelines which should be followed at the hotels and tourist resorts.

The guidelines include requirements for cleaning and disinfecting the areas and places that people frequently use and touch such as door handles, toilets and common areas. More detailed information later.

safety on the tourist trips in Egypt

The guidelines have been given for water related touristic trips especially for diving.

  • All the equipment used in diving trips has to be sterilized with a 10 % bleach solution. Also, the passengers are obligatory to use only their personal equipment during the trips.
  • Also, body temperature should be measured for the ones participating in the trips.
  • The number of participators should be restricted.


Safety measures at touristic sights:

After the coronavirus outbreak, all the touristic sights and hotels in Egypt has been disinfected. The sterilization measures have been extended to the streets and public buildings/offices.

Also, when visiting tourist sights the safety measures are followed: Both visitors and guides should be wearing facemasks and gloves, temperatures will be measured and the areas will be disinfected daily. More information from this article published in Egypt today.

When will Egypt open the touristic sights?

The first museum opened after the closure due to the coronavirus crisis is Hurghada museum, which has been re-opened on 19th of June 2020.

Some of the sights will be opened in July, and all the sights and museums should be opened September.

Image: The ministry of tourism and antiques

Next: Safety measures at the hotels in Egypt

Safety measures at the hotels in Egypt

Egypt has started to open hotels again for domestic tourism. The occupation of the hotels can be 25% until the beginning of June. After the beginning of June, capacity can be increased to 50%.

The hotels are allowed to re-open, in case they fulfil the safety guidelines set by WHO (World Health Organization).

The hotels which pass the criteria will be awarded a certificate. A hygienic sign must be seen by hotel guests.

A hygienic sign represents the symbols of: Life, Prosperity, and Health (Ankh, Udja, and Seneb).

Image: A ministry of Tourism and Antiques in Egypt

Before re-opening the hotels, a committee will inspect the hotels and make sure they fulfil the required conditions.

By signing the certificate, the manager of the hotel makes a commitment to follow the rules. The hotel must record the measures taken and report any cases concerning guests or workers. In the case of any violating the rules, a hotel will be suspended from operating.

The conditions for the opening the hotels are strict.

In case the hotel doesn’t fulfil the conditions, they can apply a certificate again and inspection will be done again. By Tuesday 6th of July, over 450 hotel has passed the inspection done by a committee.

The requirements for the hotels contain lots of conditions concerning cleaning, sterilizing and disinfection. Also, distance rules must be followed strictly.

When following these measures, the risk of the virus spreading among the guests or workers will be minimised.

Here are some of the conditions, which the hotels must fulfil before opening.

This information can be found from the Facebook page of Ministry and tourism in Egypt (published 20th of May).

The conditions concerning the hotel guests

  • The hotel must have its own doctor and a medical Clinique which work incorporate with the Ministry of health and population.
  • The quality of personal protection devices and sterilization materials must be ensured by dealing only with the companies accepted by a ministry.
  • The guests will be signed in to the hotels electrically or using disposable pens.
  • Handwashing and sanitation must be provided in at the reception area and around the hotel.
  • Luggage must be disinfected when the quests arrive and leave the hotel.
  • A temperature of the quests arriving at the hotel area must be measured.
  • The rooms are cleaned and disinfected by a daily bases. The rooms are cleaned throughout after the guests leave. The temperature of the guest will be measured also when they leave the hotel.

Next: The conditions concerning the hotel workers

The conditions concerning the hotel workers

  • A temperature of the hotel workers is measured daily.
  • The hotel workers must stay in quarantine for 14 days after returning from vacation. There must at least 60 workdays between the vacations.
  • The hotels must provide a separate housing for employees. Housing must be spacious and not too crowded.
  • In case there older or chronically ill workers, they shouldn’t be in direct contact with the hotel guests.
Image: The ministry of Tourism and Antiques

The conditions concerning the hotel restaurants

  • The food at the restaurants is served from the list, open buffets are forbidden.
  • A distance between the tables at the restaurants must be at least 2 metres. And the distance between each person at the restaurant should be at least one meter.
  • A temperature of the guests should also be measured.
  • Serving shisha/hookah is forbidden.
  • Single-use cutlery must be used as much as possible. Also, sterilizers and sterilization napkins should be placed on each table.
Image: The ministry of Tourism and Antiques

Next: The conditions concerning the pool areas

The conditions concerning the pool areas

  • The distance between the sun beds must be at least 2 metres. The sunbeds are sterilized after each guest.
  • Swimming pools must be maintained and disinfect regularly.
  • All the areas and surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected after each use and at the end of the run time.
  • Towels will be delivered to the rooms.

The conditions concerning the gyms and spa services

  • The areas must be disinfected every hour (including bathrooms) and after the use of the guests.
  • Jacuzzis, saunas, steam rooms and massage services are prohibited.
Image: The ministry of Tourism and Antiques

The conditions concerning internal supervision and laundry service

  • All the surfaces and public areas must be cleaned and disinfected hourly.
  • The furniture and fabrics are cleaned with a steaming machine.
  • Towels must be washed in high temperature. Also, sinks should be washed after completing the daily washing process.

Here were the safety regulations announced by so far. Like said, the safety measures in Egypt are strict, especially when considering the safety of the tourists.

What do you think about these conditions?

This post will be updated as soon as new information comes.

Image: The ministry of Tourism and Antiques

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