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Hurghada weather in March, April and May

The weather in the spring, March, April and May is very good. The weather in Hurghada is not too hot, but it's still warm.

March, April, and May are the perfect months to visit Egypt. Read here what kind of holiday weather to expect in Egypt in March, April and May.

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If there were decent seasons in Hurghada, my favourite season would definitely be spring. When I’m talking about the spring, I mean March, April and May. These are the best months to visit Egypt, besides October and November.

At this time of the year, weather in Hurghada is warm, but not too hot. I would say, that it’s the perfect holiday weather.

March, April and May are definitely the best months of the year for travelling to Egypt. Because, you can stay outside and enjoy the sun, but the weather is not too hot.

In June, the sun starts to be too hot for me. From June till September the sun is really hot. This is the reason why I prefer staying inside during the daytime. If that’s not possible, I try to avoid the straight sun and stay in the shadows.

Due to the heat, my day rhythm changes from winter rhythm to summer, at the latest, at the beginning of June. I sleep late and stay up at night, when possible.

Before moving to Egypt, I didn’t understand the rhythm of life in South-Europe or Middle-East. But now I do. In the daytime, it’s too hot to do anything. That’s why everything happens at night.

From where I come from, sleeping late and staying up at night is considered to be lack of self-control or laziness. In our society, an ideal person wakes up at 7 o’clock to go to work or school, works from 08.00-16.00, exercise daily and eat healthily.

Believe me, nobody doesn’t want to get up at 07.00 in the morning, especially when it’s pitch-dark outside.



At the wintertime, we spend the lightest time of the day inside working or studying. After we get home, we are dead tired and nod on the coach for the rest of the evening. We should learn from others. We could sleep later in the wintertime, work or study after it gets dark at 04.00 pm (16.00). I will be back immediately when this happens.

Back to the weather. (sorry, it looks like the western world has traumatised me).

The weather in Hurghada starts to get warmer in March. Evenings are still chilly and windy, so it’s better to pack some warmer clothes with your swimwear. Jeans, sweater, light jacket for example. In the daytime, it will be nice and warm. So, don’t forget to pack your summer clothes and sun lotion.


Hurghada average temperatures in March, April and May

The average temperature in March is 25-celsius degrees (highest) and the lowest 16-celsius degrees.

In April you don’t need long-sleeved clothes anymore, because of the weather. But covering yourself from mosquitos in the evenings may be a good idea. Pack summer clothes and buy some OFF from Hurghada, in case, you are as itchy as me.

The minimum average temperature in April is 20-celsius degrees, and Maximum is 30-celsius degrees. No need to feel cold anymore.

In May it starts to be really hot. The minimum average temperature in May is 24-celsius degrees and a maximum average of 34 Celsius degrees.

Remember dehydrating and apply sun lotion regularly. Once a day is not enough. Remember to protect yourself from the sun carefully. You don’t want to ruin your holiday by burning yourself.

The weather in Hurghada in March, April and May is excellent. Hurghada weather is not too hot nor cold. It's excellent.
People enjoying Hurghada weather in April.


Hurghada holidays in May

Years ago, before I even lived in Hurghada, I was here on holiday with my friends at the beginning of May. It was a hot and sweaty holiday.

Our daily routine started at around ten o’clock in the morning. 

We woke up, had breakfast and went out to play at the pool. None of us was a real sunbather, but we loved to swim, warm ourselves under the sun and play at the pool. It was awesome. We even bought a ball to play with.

Around two o’clock, we started to be really hungry and had lunch. We were staying at the apartment, so we called home delivery in case we were too tired to cook for ourselves. Most of the days we were.

Most of the restaurants and even bakeries in Hurghada have a home delivery service. If you desire a piece of cake, just call and make an order. Very easy.

After lunch, it was nap time. It was too hot to do anything special in the daytime, so we moved outside only in the evenings. Actually, if you want to go shopping in Egypt, the best time to do it is in the evening. Some shops are open until 02.00 am.

Most of the evenings we shopped, ate or partied. We were young, so we did go out quite often. Days were for resting, night for the parties. It was a really good holiday, lots of laughs and playing off course.

No matter how hot it is; I hope your holiday will be as good as we had. Leave your worries at home and have the best holiday ever!


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