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Hurghada Bowling Center

Hurghada bowling center

Looking for things to do in Hurghada with yourself, to your a family, for a group of friends or something to do with someone special? In this case, Hurghada bowling centre might be the place you have been looking for. Here is all you need to know before you go!

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Hurghada Bowling Center in the area El Kawther, offers lots of things to do for everyone from toddlers to elderly people. There is everything for everyone. So, you don’t have to be a professional bowling master to enjoy and hang out in Hurghada Bowling Center. Just go and enjoy!

Continue and read more about my experience and visit to Hurghada Bowling Center.

Hurghada Bowling Center is located in bowling street
Hurghada bowling center is located in Bowling Street, El Kawthar area, Hurghada, Egypt. It’s open daily from 16.00 (04.00 pm) to 02.00 am.

Hurghada bowling center location | How to get there?

Hurghada Bowling center is located in El Kawthar area, near El Mamsha and Sindbad hotel (google maps location, click here).

Most of the taxis know Bowling center and bowling street in Hurghada because there is only one bowling center in the city. So it’s not very hard to find.

Inside Hurghada Bowling center

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Opening hours | When to visit?

Opening hours daily from 04.00 P.M. (16.00) till 02.00 A.M.

Fridays are most likely to be very busy, because it’s a weekend and day off for Egyptians. Most of the offices and banks are closed on Fridays in Egypt and people go out with their families. Therefore, Friday evening is probably the busiest one.

More information from Hurghada bowling center facebook page.

Last time when I visited Hurghada Bowling Center it was Sunday around 06.00 (18.00) o’clock.

It was a good time to visit; there weren’t too many people. Food came fast and there was space for playing and sitting. Perfect!

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What to expect from Hurghada Bowling center | My visit

Actually, this time I wasn’t able to bowl myself since I had to entertain my baby girl. For the smallest kids, bowling is not the best or safest activity.

Imagine a toddler with a bowl running on the track! For sure you might see it in Egypt.

But luckily, there are other activities for the smaller kids in Hurghada Bowling Center instead of bowling.

There is a place, let us call it a playing corner, this is a small area where kids can play different games (picture below). One round cost 15 Egyptian pounds LE. (in price list baby food coin). First, you buy a coin (counter/token) from the cashier for 15 LE. You put the coin inside a machine and enjoy. Simple and easy!

My daughter sat on this machine below for four rounds, and one round was quite long. She wasn’t happy to leave after four long rounds, but I was.

You can also play PlayStation, air hockey or a car race. Here is a price list is from 2019.

There is also a kids play area outside. Parents can enjoy coffee while kids playing. Excellent!

In case you get hungry after bowling you find a big restaurant/cafeteria in Hurghada Bowling Center. You can order everything from spaghetti to burgers.

I had a cheeseburger with french fries and coleslaw (picture below).

It was a very good cheeseburger meal for 36 Egyptian pounds (to convert, click here). It was totally worth the money. Price and quality meet in this meal. Even, if you go with a big family, you won’t be ripped off with these prices.

The dessert menu looked delicious, but unfortunately, I didn’t have time to enjoy a dessert this time. Next time.

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How did I become the worst bowler after being the best one?

At the end, I want to share my personal bowling story from Hurghada Bowling Center.

Even though I wasn’t bowling last time, I have been bowling there a lot. Years ago, I spent a month in Hurghada working in constructions (this is another story to tell someday) with my friend.

In the evenings, my friend and I, went bowling and we became very good at it. Moreover, we thought we were professionals.

Bowling was so easy, and we both were so good at it.

When I went back home, I wanted to show my new bowling skills to all my friends back home. We went bowling and I was really bad. Seriously, I was the worst bowler ever.

-But I was good in Egypt -Yes, for sure. No one believed me. After this bowling catastroph, I was thinking for years-What happened?  Why bowling is so easy in Egypt?

Now I know. Last time in Hurghada bowling center I realised what was the problem! The lanes are shorter here in Egypt! This is why bowling was much harder back home.

What is the conclusion here? From now on, the only place where I bowl is Hurghada bowling center. That’s where I’m at my best!

What about you? Are you good at bowling? In or outside Egypt?



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