A guide to Hurghada international airport (HRG)

Hurghada international airport guide

How do things work in Hurghada Airport? How to transport to and from Hurghada Airport? How about visa to Egypt? Here is all the information you need to know about Hurghada Airport. 

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Every time I step my feet to Hurghada Airport, I get a little annoyed. I have been visiting there way too often lately. Sometimes getting through Hurghada Airport is a nerve-wracking experience. Long lines and security controls everywhere, one after another.

This guide to Hurghada Airport (HRG) is written to help you to have a good experience and understand how things work at the Hurghada International Airport.

Actually, it’s the same everywhere these days. Take off our shoes, open your luggage, show me your passport. If you are lucky, you may survive through Hurghada Airport relatively fast. If not, you may get frustrated very fast, like I usually do.

So when flying out from Hurghada, be there on time. It’s better to be too early at the airport, rather late.

I also know that getting frustrated because of the security is very stupid. If it was because of the lack of security controls, it would be more understandable. But getting annoyed because of the strict security control is pure idiotism. I admit, sometimes I may act like an idiot.

Anyways lately, I had to fly outside to Egypt, again. While struggling at the airport, I thought it would be a good idea to write a guide to Hurghada Airport. How to survive at Hurghada Airport and so on.

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Hurghada got a new airport in 2015. Before that, there was a huge tent, which was supposed to be an airport. The old airport didn’t have enough capacity to handle huge tourist masses at the same time; it wasn’t built for that. This led to big problems, and there used to be small chaos constantly at Hurghada Airport.

This new Airport was supposed to make things easier and faster, but we’ll see. There are two terminals now, instead of one. Most of the international flights departures and arrives at new terminal 1.

Terminal 2 is an old part of the airport and used mostly for domestic flights. You can’t see big chaos there anymore, or I haven’t seen, but things could still work faster and effective.

If you get frustrated at Hurghada Airport; remember that the situation could be so much worse.


Hurghada Airport doesn’t have many facilities. First of all, there is no WI-FI at Hurghada Airport, neither lounges.

But there are cafes, restaurants and duty-free shops. Like any other airports, drinking and eating are relatively expensive at Hurghada Airport.

Good news for smokers, and for the ones who are travelling with a smoker; there are many smoking areas inside Hurghada airport. I used to smoke before, so I know this is very important and valuable information for smokers. You are welcome!



One of the best things in Hurghada Airport is that it’s located very close to the city and hotels (link to google maps here).

Some hotels are only 10 minutes drive away from the airport and the furthest ones maximum 45 minutes away. This means you don’t need to spend your valuable holiday minutes sitting on the bus. After you survive out of the airport, you get to start enjoying your holiday almost immediately.

  • If you have booked your trip through a travel agency, you don’t have to worry about airport transportation. You get into the bus, that drives you to your hotel and back. The only thing you need to do is to find your guide. This is the benefits of package travelling.
  • In case you have booked a hotel yourself, you need to arrange yourself to your hotel and back from the airport. Some hotels have an airport pickup service; their representative will be waiting for you outside at the airport with a sign when you arrive.
  • If you need to arrange airport transportation yourself, there are many options for that. I usually order a taxi from a private taxi company. Last time in February  2019, it was about 80 Egyptian pounds from the airport to the beginning of Sheraton Street. I usually make a call and order a taxi after landing, the taxi comes to the airport in 10 to 20 minutes.

There is no WI-FI at Hurghada Airport, but I have my Egyptian sim-card, so it’s easy to order a private taxi or uber/careem ride. If you don’t have an Egyptian sim-card, you can also book a taxi before travelling to Egypt. Many companies use what’s up, so it’s easy to reach them beforehand.

You can also purchase a sim card from the airport, but I don’t recommend it as a first choice.

Here is s post about the sim cards and where and how you should purchase them: 


You can also take a taxi from the airport, just prepare yourself for haggling.  100 Egyptian pounds is a fair price if you go close to the airport (Mamsha, Sheraton, El Kawthar). Further, you go, the more you pay. Just remember, don’t pay the first price asked. And don’t believe the stories, that they need to pay this and that to get inside the airport. It’s all bullshit.

But to be honest, I have also paid way too much myself to get out of Hurghada airport. You are tired after travelling, and the only thing you can imagine is getting a shower, changing your clothes and start your vacation. At this time you don’t care if the taxi to a hotel costs 100 or 150 Egyptian pounds. Here is a currency converter to check, how much does it cost in your own currency. After converting you see what I mean.

In the end, I’m sure you will find your way out of the airport, somehow.



When you arrive at Hurghada Airport, the hardest part there is the lining. Lines are everywhere. First, you get out from the plane and go to the line for a visa to Egypt. In case you haven’t purchased e-visa beforehand.



For the ones who are going to buy a visa from the airport, there are two different “places” to purchase the visa to Egypt. In case you haven’t buy your visa beforehand through a travel agency, you go to the banks on your right side. There will be queues, so it’s impossible not to see the banks.

30-days tourist Visa to Egypt from the bank costs 25 USD or equivalent in British pounds £ or Euros €. Only cash is accepted.

In case you have paid your visa beforehand, you go to the travel representatives desk. 

Your guide will tell you more specific, which desk to go to. You go to the queue, and you will attach a visa sticker to your passport. Yes, it’s a sticker. You can also buy a visa from the representatives instead of the bank, but it is more expensive. Have done it, was tired.

After you have purchased a visa to your passport, you will move to another line for immigration. Here you get your visa stamped and get rid of the migration/landing card, which you should fill at the aeroplane. Aeroplane staff will help you with the card, in case you need help with it.

Remember to pack a pen with you; you will need it at the aeroplane and when leaving Egypt for filling the migration card.

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After your visa has been stamped, airport officers will check your visa and passport a few more times. So don’t pack your passport yet. Next, you go to pick up your luggage and customs.

At customs, some of the luggage are x-rayed and you may have to open your luggage. Sometimes offices check all the luggage, sometimes they don’t. You never know.

If you have medication, don’t forget to take your prescriptions with you!


After your holiday is over, it’s time to pack your belongings and head home. I hope you had a good holiday, and you feel rested. Now you know better, how to use taxis and how to reach the airport. You don’t need to worry about the visa anymore. The only thing you need to worry about is how to close your luggage and hope there is no extra weight on it.

Before airport security lets you go inside to the airport, you need to show your reservation/boarding pass on the paper. On the paper. Maybe they accept electronic-tickets now when there is e-visa.

I have been loyalty printing my e-tickets and reservations every time I fly outside to Egypt. Maybe they would let me inside without papers at the end, but I don’t want to try my luck before I know for sure.

I would be so happy if I didn’t have to panic with printers last night before flying out of Egypt. Usually, I have some important things to do. Packing for example.

Yes, you have packed your luggage very carefully. Everything has its own place inside your luggage. And airport security wants to see inside your luggage and makes a big mess. Nice.



So, if you have been worried about the security controls at the airports of Egypt, no need to worry anymore. You are being checked very carefully and many times.

After all the security and passport controls you finally get to relax for a while before taking off. You can do your last-minute shopping and spend your last pounds in the duty-free shops at the airport.

If you get hungry there are some restaurants and even Burger King, which I saw opened first-time last month. This also tells that there is more traffic at the airport now. If you want to check Hurghada airport arrivals and departures, click here. The site seems to be very old, but flight information is dated.

Here is also a link to Hurghada airport official page. From my point of view, the site is not very user-friendly. Click with your own responsibility.



At the end, some of my thoughts about Hurghada and visiting Egypt. When I left Hurghada last time, I was positively surprised that there were more people at the airport compared to earlier. Even, I don’t like queuing, I like to see people there. This means that there are more tourists in the town. More readers to my blog and most of all more income for Egyptians.

I probably have mentioned this earlier, but I’m so happy that there are more people coming to Hurghada and Egypt. Egypt has been going through an economic crisis for years now.

Now foreign tourists get to enjoy the outcomes of the crisis; a devaluation of the Egyptian pound, that made the value of Egyptian pound drop half at the end of 2016.

For foreigners this is a really good thing, everything in Egypt is almost free, but for locals, the situation is not that good. People weren’t rich before, and due to the devaluation taxes and prices have increased. Rent, gas, sugar, everything has become more expensive. This means that poor people have become poorer.

So don’t get annoyed when someone tries so hard to get you to buy something or anything. Competition is hard, and you may be the only customer for days.

If you get good service, tip a waiter for an extra 20 pounds, for you it’s not much but for someone, it’s a big money. Everyone in Egypt is happy, that tourists have come back. So am I.



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