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Best places to shop in Hurghada (Egypt) 2022

The best places to shop in Hurghada Egypt

Where to go shopping in Hurghada? Hurghada is filled with shops, from where you can buy anything from souvenirs to shoes. Even if you are spending your holiday in El Gouna or Sahl Hasheesh you should go shopping in Hurghada.

In this article, I introduce you to the best places to shop in Egypt’s Hurghada.

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Shopping in Hurghada

Table of content:

  • Shopping in touristic and hotel areas
  • What are the best places to shop in Hurghada Egypt?
    • Best places to shop in Hurghada around Sheraton Street
    • El Mamsha-promenade and El Kawther
    • El Dahar bazaar (Souk)
  • Shopping malls in Hurghada
    • Senzo mall Hurghada
    • Hurghada City Center shopping mall

There are lots of areas and places around the city of Hurghada where to go shopping. Actually, It’s possible to do shopping all around Hurghada and its surrounding resorts such as Makadi Bay, Safaga or Marsa Alam. 

But for the bigger shopping, it’s better to go to Hurghada’s shopping areas and malls.

No matter where you stay or how far from the city centre your hotel is, there’s always at least one souvenir shop near. The shop may be small, but for sure you get rid of your money.

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Shopping in touristic areas and hotels

The closer to the tourist areas and hotels you get, the more expensive are the prices. Obviously, the rents are higher closer to the touristic areas and well, tourists have their own special prices, everywhere.

Anyways, shopping in Hurghada is an excellent and funny holiday activity, especially if you are good at haggling. Enjoy the shopping experience in Egypt and let it go!

For those, who are not comfortable with haggling, shopping malls and shops with fixed prices are the best way to get rid of your Egyptian money in Hurghada.

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What are the best places to shop in Hurghada Egypt?

As said, there are lots of shopping areas and places to go shop around Hurghada.

If you want to buy souvenirs in Hurghada or something local, then you should go to a souk in El Dahar, for shopping around Sheraton Street, or to El Mamsha boulevard instead of a shopping mall.

In other words, if you prefer shopping for international brands or trendy clothes, the bazaar shouldn’t be your first option.

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Sheraton street in Sakkala. Another side is a boulevard and the other side is for shopping.

Best places to shop in Hurghada around Sheraton Street

When you are in Hurghada, it’s almost impossible to avoid visiting a busy Sheraton Street. The area can also be called Sakala, Sakkala, and Saqala.

Shops on Sheraton Street are for tourists and therefore the prices may vary a lot between the stores. Most of the shops don’t have fixed prices, so prepare yourself for haggling.

This street is also the longest shopping street in Hurghada. There are also cafes and restaurants along the street. You find everything from Sheraton Street.

If you are an adventure seeker, take a look at the small side streets of Sheraton Road.

The biggest and nicest side street in Sheraton Street is definitely Sherry Street.

Whenever, I need to buy cosmetics, shoes or something special, I go straight to Sherry Street.

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Read more about Sherry Street from here.

Shopping in Hurghada Sheraton road is the longest shopping street in Hurghada Egypt.
Shops in Sheraton Road Hurghada Egypt.

El Mamsha-promenade and El Kawther

El Mamsha is a beautiful walking boulevard in the tourist area. It’s a perfect place for a nice evening stroll. While walking by the Mamsha, you can do the shopping and enjoy the atmosphere.

There are big souvenirs shops with fixed prices and smaller shops right next to each other at the beginning and end of Mamsha. A good place to start shopping in El Mamsha is front of Mc Donalds (location). Mc Donalds is located in Esplanada mall. There are also good shops at the end of the Mamsha boulevard.

If you like to walk, start walking from Mc Donald’s and walk to the end of Mamsha. This is what I do often.

El Kawher is also a place worth visiting though it’s not the first place to do shopping in Hurghada. But there are lots of nice restaurants and some shops worth visiting. It’s located next to El Mamsha.

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El Fayrou make up store in Hurghada Egypt.
Al Fayrouz make up store is located in El Kawther Hurghada.

El Dahar bazaar (Souk)

Everyone who is visiting Hurghada should visit in El Dahar. It’s the oldest part of the city and there you can experience real Egypt.

From El Dahar you find a big souk, which is filled with things from household appliances to scarves.

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Shopping malls in Hurghada

In case you don’t feel comfortable with the haggling, you should head to the shopping mall. Shopping malls are also air-conditioned which is a must thing during the summertime.

There are two big shopping centers in the Hurghada area. The older one is the newly renovated Senzo mall, which is located about 10 kilometers away from Hurghada Airport close to Sahl Hasheesh.

The Second is the newer one a mall called Hurghada city shopping center, which is located on the other side of the city next to Hilton hotel.

From these shopping malls, you find everything from food to sim-cards. Also, both of them have restaurants and a playing area for kids.

Senzo Mall Hurghada

Senzo Mall is the best place to go shopping in Hurghada. The shopping center is located about 15 kilometers away from the city centre (location). It’s open every day from 10.00 till 12.00 at night.

The mall has changed a lot in the past year, especially from the outside areas.

The best places to shop in Hurghada Egypt
Senzo mall entrance before.
A newly renovated entrance to Senzo mall.

You can get there by taxi, microbus or Senzos own shuttle bus. I recommend Senzos own bus. The shuttle bus between Senzo Mall and Hurghada operates daily from 10.00. to 12.15 pm. (00.15).

Senzo bus goes through Hurghada, from El Dahar-Sakkala-Mamsha to Senzo mall and back, every 30-minutes. You can stop the bus anywhere. The last time I used it it was 4.75 Egyptian pounds/person/one way. Compared to a taxi it’s very cheap.

The last time when I went to Senzo Mall by taxi, I paid 70 Egyptian pounds from Sakkala to Senzo. Going there by a regular taxi is much easier than coming back. Orange taxis are not allowed to drive inside the parking area, so they are waiting outside next to the entrance gates.

You can also go to Senzo mall by Uber or Careem. Both Uber and Careem can be ordered to the parking area inside the gates.

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When you leave the mall and want to take a taxi, first, you have to negotiate with a taxi guy, who gives you prices. The prices they ask for are ridiculously high. Of course, they ask at least double compared to what you paid when you came. This is the only place to get a taxi away and they know it.

This is why I recommend you to use the Senzo bus. Buses are usually full, but there is always room for everyone. Bus leaves from the door, closest to Kidzo kids’ playing area. When you go outside, you see the place.

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Restaurants in Senzo Mall

In case you are hungry, you find the international fast-food restaurants and other restaurants from Senzo mall. It’s nice to eat something and continue shopping.

Shops in Senzo Mall

Senzo mall layout.

As said earlier, the shops in Senzo Mall have fixed prices. No need to haggle. Some of the shops are really expensive, but there are shops at affordable prices as well. My favourite shops in Senzo Mall are Mango, Ravin’, and DejaVu.

There are also a big toy store and KIDZO playing area for kids. This is why kids will love the Senzo mall.

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Also, the biggest grocery store in Hurghada Spinneys is located in Senzo Mall.

Read more about the services in Senzo Mall fro their website: SENZO MALL

Hurghada City Center Shopping Mall

The newest shopping mall in Hurghada is Hurghada City Shopping Mall. It’s located in the Arabia area, next to the Hilton hotel. From the Hurghada City Center Shopping Mall you find shops for clothing, shoes, jewelry, toys, and everything else.

There is also a movie theatre there, a kids’ area and ice-skating possibility.

Read about Hurghada City Center Shopping Mall from this article: Hurghada City Center Shopping Mall

Here were my favorite shopping places in Hurghada, Which places do you prefer?

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