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Hurghada weather in June, July and August

Hurghada weather in June, July & August

In this article: What is Hurghada weather like in the summer in June, July and August? Is Egypt worth visiting during the summer? Is weather in Hurghada too hot?

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Even though summer is supposed to be a low season in tourism in Egypt, there are lots of people coming to spend their summer holidays to Hurghada and Egypt. 

So, it’s not impossible to get a package holiday or straight flight from certain countries, for example, from Germany and Great-Britain. You also can fly to Egypt on your own without a travel agency. Here is a guide for finding the cheapest flights online.

Despite the hot weather in the summer, some people really do enjoy the hot Egyptian summer sun in Hurghada.

summer in hurghada Egypt
The weather in Hurghada during the summer is hot.

Like said, some of the travel agencies operate to Egypt all year round. But The high season in Egypt starts somewhere around October and lasts until the end of April. At the end of April, most of the travel agents fly home or other destinations for the summer and head back to Egypt after the summer in October.

Are people travelling to Egypt during the summer?

Does this mean there are fewer tourists in Egypt and Hurghada in the summertime? Yes and no. For sure there are not so many tourists in the Pyramids or Valley of the Kings, but Red Sea Resorts aren’t sleeping even when the high season is off

In fact, it’s still busy here, even it’s hot and supposed to be low season for tourism.  In the summertime, Hurghada and other Red Sea destinations are filled with both foreign and Egyptian tourists.

Also, Egyptians have their summer holidays even though it seems they are working 24/7 (most of them do). Many Egyptian and Arab tourists travel to the Red Sea area for summer holidays. Actually, Hurghada is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Arabs. School holidays in Egypt start in the third week of June and last until the first week of September. Long holidays, right?

Longest National holidays in Egypt are Eid El-Fitr, which is a three-day-long holiday for celebrating the end of Ramadan. The other long holiday is Eid Al-Adha, which lasts also four days. These fests are the big ones! You see Egyptian and Arab tourists in Hotel resorts, beaches and outside on the street celebrating and spending family time, for example, Mamsha is filled with people most of the evenings in the summer.

Next: How hot it is in the summer? Average temperatures.

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Visiting Egypt in the summer | How hot it actually is in Egypt?

In case you want to visit the pyramids, Valley of the kings and see other wonders of ancient Egypt, summer is not the best time to travel to Egypt. Because it’s very hot.

But here is something that may change your mind: the Egyptian government announced to reduce entrance tickets for foreign tourists for visiting in upper Egypt ancient sites by 50% in the summer season.

For example, in the Valley of the Kings, there is no shadow and it can be easily over +50 degrees there. It’s hard to enjoy the history, while the sun is literally burning you alive. I don’t recommend visiting Valley of the Kings during the summertime. For me, it’s too hot out there.

Also, Cairo feels like a hotpot in the summertime. Save your historical visits for the winter and enjoy the sun and beaches in the summer.

The valley of the kings is very hot in june, july & august
The valley of the kings is very hot in June, July & August.

The averages temperatures in Hurghada in June, July and August

The weather in June, July, August and even September are seriously hot. It’s ok for sunbathing and watersports, but for historical sight-seeing, the summer weather in Egypt is too hot. 

The highest average temperature in Hurghada in June is 36 Celsius degrees and the lowest 24 Celsius degrees. In July the highest average temperature is 36 Celsius and lowest 25 celsius. In August the highest average temperature drops down for 1 degree from 35 to 34 Celsius degrees (The weather is still very hot!) and the lowest temperature in August is 25. Also, September is a very hot month (highest 33 celsius and lowest 24 Celsius). And don’t worry, it won’t rain, though you wish! 

The average temperatures in June, July and August:

  • June Max. 36 Celsius degrees (96.8 Fahrenheit) Min. 26 Celsius degrees (78.8 Fahrenheit)
  • July Max. 38 Celsius degrees (100.4 Fahrenheit) Min. 28 Celsius degrees (82.4 Fahrenheit)
  • August Max. 37 Celsius degrees (98.6 Fahrenheit) Min. 27 Celsius degrees (80.6 Fahrenheit)

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Even, it’s very hot here in the summertime, some people say that summer in Hurghada/Red Sea area is nicer than in Europe. It’s always a little windy here and, in addition, you have an air-conditioner inside your hotel room or flat. 

And when you are on your holiday, you can rest under the sunshade and dip yourself into the Red Sea or pool, whenever you feel like it. You don’t need to work on your holiday. Summer in Egypt doesn’t sound that bad anymore.

If you decide to visit Hurghada (Egypt) during the summer, pack lots of sun creme and don’t forget to apply it on regularly! Once a day is not enough! You can leave your socks and long-sleeved shirts home unless you want to protect yourself from the sun, otherwise, you don’t need them. 

Hurghada weather in June, July, August and September is very hot! Pack your summer clothes, good sandals/flipflops, something to cover your head with, good sunglasses and swimwear of course!

To check the current weather in Hurghada, click here to Accuweather page.

Next: Things to do in Hurghada in summer

Hurghada things to do in the summer

In the summer the sun shines about 13 hours a day in Hurghada. It means you have plenty of time to play outside. Water temperature in the Red Sea is perfect for all the water sports activities; Scuba-diving, Snorkeling, Kite surfing, Cable wakeboarding, Parasailing you name it. 

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parasailing in hurghada
Parasailing in Hurghada.

There are lots of options to choose from. All these activities are relatively cheap in Hurghada. If water sports are not your thing; you can lay on the beach or spend an unforgettable day in one of the waterparks in Hurghada (there are many of them.).

Or take a day tour to El Gouna (click here for more).

For sure, you won’t get bored in Hurghada! Enjoy the HOT summer in Egypt!


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