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A trip to Luxor from Hurghada | How, when and where?

Hurghada to Luxor.

Are you planning a trip from Hurghada to Luxor? Here is all you need to know before visiting Luxor from Hurghada.

In this article: General information about Luxor. A trip from Hurghada to Luxor. The best time to visit in Luxor. Where to stay and visit in Luxor?

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What is Luxor | Luxor in a nutshell

Luxor is a city located in Upper Egypt. The distance between Luxor and Cairo is about 650 (403 Miles) kilometers (by car). So the pyramids are quite far away from Luxor.

It used to be one of the most important cities of ancient Egypt, mostly because of its location right next to the Nile River.

Today Luxor is one of the most important cities for tourism in Egypt. Earlier Luxor has been known as Theba (Theban) and Waset, the city was named Luxor in 624 B.C.

The Nile River. Image: Tamas Juhasz Pixabay.

The city has been divided into two main areas on both sides of the Nile river. The areas are called the West Bank and the East bank.

From the East bank, you’ll find among the other things the Temple of Luxor, the Temple of Karnak, museums, train station, hotels and restaurants.

Most of the ancient sights are located in the West Bank of Luxor.

How can I go to the other side of the Nile River?

You can cross the Nile river with a felucca boat. This costs about 10 Egyptian pounds. There is also a bridge going over the Nile River.

If you book a day trip to Luxor, crossing the River Nile is not usually included. So be prepared to pay felucca ride yourself.

Crossin the River Nile with a felucca in Luxor Egypt
Feluccas in Luxor Egypt. Image: Albert Dezetter Pixabay.

As said most of the ancient sights in Luxor are located on the West Bank of Luxor.

These sights are Valley of the Kings and Queens, Temple of Hatshepsut, Tombs of the Nobles, The Temple of Medinet Habu, The Ramesseum Temple, Colossi of Memnon, and Malkata.

If you wish to see the city from the Hot Air Balloon, you need to go to West Bank. Book your Hot Air Balloon Ride from here. If you want to experience a Hot air balloon at the sunrise book this ride.

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A day trip to Luxor from Hurghada

There are many ways to travel and visit Luxor from Hurghada. The most popular way to visit Luxor from Hurghada is to take a day trip from Hurghada to Luxor.

I have done this trip twice myself. And I can highly recommend this excursion. In case you take a day trip from Hurghada to Luxor, you will be spending the whole day in Luxor and get to visit all the important ancient sites. You can book your day trip to Luxor from here.

This trip includes visits to the Temple of Karnak, Colossi of Memnon, Valley of the Kings, and the temple of Hatshepsut. More information here.

There are lost to see in Luxor Egyt.
Luxor. Image: Imedias Pixabay.

If you have to choose between Luxor and Cairo, I recommend you go to Luxor. Personally, I liked it more. You won’t see the pyramids, but you can visit them next time. If you have enough time, visit both Luxor and Cairo.

On a day trip to Luxor, you see all the most important ancient sights. The disadvantage is, that you don’t have time to take a closer look at Luxor and all its miracles. If you want to spend more time there, it’s possible to travel to Luxor by bus from Hurghada.

There are also 2-days trips available from Hurghada to Luxor. More information from here.

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Is it safe to visit Luxor?

Visiting Luxor isn’t more dangerous than visiting in Egypt overall. Here is an article to read about safety in Egypt.

The best time to visit in Luxor

The best time to visit Luxor is from October to April. This time there are lots of tourists in town, so be prepared for crowds.

Luxor is also said to be the hassle capital of Egypt. In other words, the street vendors are very active. If you don’t want to buy anything, walk and say “LA SHUKRAN” this means no thank you in Arabic.

Read more: How to haggle in Egypt?

Luxor is called the capital of hassle.
Souk in Luxor. Image: Simon Steinberger Pixabay.

The city is very hot in the summer and there are not too many tourists around. This is why Egypt’s Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled al-Anany announced that the ticket prices for foreign tourists visiting Upper Egypt’s sights in the summer will be reduced by 50%. For more information click here.

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What to wear and pack for Luxor?

When I was visiting Luxor at the beginning of May, it was already very hot then.

In case you visit Upper Egypt during the summer, pack light clothes and lots of sun lotion. A hat or other headcover is also a must thing to pack for a trip to Luxor. And don’t forget the sunglasses!

It may be chilly during the winter months, so pack up some warmer clothes with you. Also, the air conditioning on the bus may be cold, this is why you can even pack a light blanket with you.

It is also good to have some small money for toilets and tips.

When talking about the toilets, don’t forget to pack napkins or toilet paper with you. I prefer buying small napkins packets from the street vendors. This is a good way to support the locals.

Bottled water is a thing you don’t want to forget. It’s needed. And some salty snacks.

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The distance between Hurghada and Luxor

So, How far is Luxor from Hurghada? The distance between Hurghada and Luxor is about 300 kilometres (186 Miles). By car, it takes about 4 hours to get there. It’s a long way, but totally worth it.

If you take a day tour to Luxor from Hurghada, the bus leaves early in the morning around 05.00 o’clock. A full day trip to Luxor lasts about 16-17 hours, and you’ll be back at your hotel around 09-10.00 pm.

It’s better not to make any big evenings plans after this trip, it’s a long day!

From Hurghada to Luxor by bus

You can also visit Luxor yourself. The cheapest way to travel between Hurghada and Luxor is a bus. Go bus Egypt’s bus to Luxor from Hurghadaleaves from Go Bus Hurghada station in Hurghada twice a day, at 8.15 am and 03.30 pm (15.30).

You can purchase the tickets from the bus station or through their website. I recommend you to book your tickets beforehand, to make sure there is a roam in the bus. More information & Timetables from Go Bus website.

If you visit Luxor yourself, book accommodation from Luxor, take a bus and hit the sites early in the morning. Most sites are filled with tourists all day, but the main peak is in the morning. So, be there early! Some of the sites open already at 06.00 o’clock.

The flights between Hurghada and Luxor

At the moment there are no direct flights between Hurghada and Luxor, but Egypt’s Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled al-Anany just announced that there will be new routes between Luxor and Hurghada in the future. More information from the article of Egypt’s Independent.

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What there is to see in Luxor?

On a day trip to Luxor, you see all the most important miracles of ancient Egypt. The tour will take you to visit Karnak Temple, which was the largest and most important religious complex in ancient Egypt. It’s over 2000 years old and there are lots to see.

Karnak Temple in Luxor is a must see
Karnak Temple is also called an open-air Museum.

The other places you visit during the day in Luxor are The Temple of Hatshepsut, The Valley of the Kings, and the Colossi of Memnon.

The benefits of taking a guided tour to Luxor is, that the guide will be with you all the time. When I visited Luxor, I was fascinated to listen to the guide and stories about ancient Egypt. If you take a self-guided tour to Luxor, make sure you have a good guide with you.

Book your full-day tours in Luxor here.

The temple of Hatsepsut

Temple of Hathseput is one of the sites visited in Luxor trips.
Hatshepsut Mortuary Temple in Luxor, Egypt Image: werner22brigitte

The Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut is a temple built by Hatshepsut herself. Hatshepsut was the first female pharaoh in ancient Egypt. She reigned the kingdom for 20-years.

The Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut is located in the area called Deir el Bahri. The temple was called Djeser-Djeseru in ancient Egypt, which means “the Holy of Holiest.” It’s situated next to the mortuary temple of Mentuhotep II.

The temple has unique architecture and the view from up to the valley is amazing.

The valley of the kings

The Valley of the Kings.
The Valley of the Kings.

The Valley of the Kings is probably the most famous touristic sight in Luxor. The Valley of the Kings used to be a place, where the Pharaohs were buried. The area is filled with tombs of Pharaohs and other powerful nobles of ancient Egypt.

There are 63 tombs in the area. Not all of the tombs are open to the public. The most popular and visited tomb in the Valley of the Kings is the tomb of Tutankhamon (extra cost).

You are allowed to visit three optional tombs with an entrance ticket (Ramses l, lV, Vll, lX, Seti ll, Tawsert/Sethnakhte, Tuthmosis lll, lV, Saptah, Horemoheb, Menttuherkhopshef ).

Some of the tombs have restored and remained in good condition. The tombs you don’t want to miss on your visit to the Valley of the Kings are The tomb of Tutankhamon (KV 62), a tomb of Ramses II sons (KV5), a tomb of Ramses VI (KV2), Seti I (KV 17) & a tomb of Ramses III (KV 11).

You can take a look at the tomb of Pharaoh Ramses VI (KV2) in 3D from here.

If you wish to take pictures inside the tombs, you need to buy permission.

Colossi of Memnon

When you go to see the Colossi of Memnon, you’ll see two enormous statues dedicated to Amenhotep III. As you see in the picture below, the statues are destroyed, but still recognizable.

Colossi of Memnon Image By Tim Dellmann

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Other touristic attractions to visit in Luxor

If you are doing a solo trip to Luxor, you should also check these sites. These sites are not included to a day trip in Luxor.

Luxor temple

Luxor Temple is a temple built by Amenhotep III (1390-52 BC). Later it was completed by Tutankhamun (1336-27 BC) and Horemheb (1323-1295 BC). Also, Ramses II added his temple to the area.

The Temple of Luxor has been dedicated to Amon-Ra.

The Obelisk located in Paris has been moved from the Temple of Luxor.


A palace complex located in the desert close to Medinet Habu. It was built by Pharaoh Amenhotep III. More information here.

The Ramesseum

The Ramesseum
The Ramesseum, Luxor Egypt.

The Ramesseum temple is located in the West Bank area, Luxor, It’s a memorial or mortuary temple of Pharaoh Ramesses II. The temple was dedicated to Ramesses II himself and God Amon.

The temple is famous for the big statue of Pharaoh Ramesses II. There are also some decorated walls left. Though the temple is fragrant, it’s still worth visiting.

The tombs of the nobles

The tombs of the nobles are located in the area caller Sheik Abd El-Korna. There are over 400 hundred tombs belonged to nobles from the 6th dynasty to the Graeco-Roman period.

The tombs of the nobles is not a site occupied by big tourists groups. Though it’s rarely visited by big tourists groups there are lots to see.

A must-see tombs: Tomb nr. 52 Chapel of Nakht, Tomb nr. 55 Ra-Mose, Tomb nr. 62 Tomb of Menna, Tomb nr. 100 Re-khme–e (Rehmire) & Tob of Sennofer.

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Workmen’s village | Dehr El Medina

The men who used to decorate the tombs of pharaohs and nobles used to live in this village. They decorated their own tombs. The most impressive tombs are the tombs Sennedjem and Inherkau. Sennedjem’s tomb covered with paintings was discovered in 1886 with 30 mummies.

Medinat habu

In the area of Medinet Habu, you’ll find the mortuary temple of Ramesses III. More information here.

medinet Habu in Luxor Egypt.
Medinet Habu Luxor. Image: Albert Dezetter Pixabay

Valley of the queens

The wives of pharaohs are buried to the valley of the queens. The most well-known tomb in the valley of the queens is a tomb of Queen Nefertiti. The entrance to the tomb of Nefertiti is 1400 Egyptian pounds.

Luxor museum

Archaeological museum of Luxor. Location: Corniche el-Nil, downtown Luxor.

Where to stay in Luxor | Accommodation in Luxor

If you are planning to see Luxor properly, spend at least one night there. There are lots of Hotels in Luxor, where to choose from. Here are a few recommendations for the hotels/apartments to stay in Luxor. In case you had a great hotel/apartment experience in Luxor, comment and share it with us and I will add it to the list.


Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor
Sofitel winter palace Luxor.

Winter Palace Luxor is located on the banks of the Nile River. This hotel is not the cheapest one, but worth all the money. Winter Palace has been inaugurated on Saturday 19 January 1907. It has been designed by the Italian Architect Leon Stienon.

The hotel has been visited by AGATHA CHRISTIE, who wrote his famous book called Death on the Nile while staying at this hotel. Also, the Egyptologist Howard Carter, who found the tomb of Tutankhamon was staying in Winter Palace Luxor.


Nefertiti Hotel is located in the west bank area, only 10 minutes walk away from the railway station. It’s also close to the airport, which is only 20 kilometres away from the hotel.


The house of dreams apartment is a nice and clean apartment in the West Bank of Luxor. It’s ideal for budget travellers with European standards.

ALL IN ALL, Luxor has a lot to offer for everyone. Even if you are not that interested in history, Luxor is still the place to go once in a lifetime! Did visit Luxor? How did you find it? Comment the post and share your best travel tips to LUXOR EGYPT.

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