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Hurghada weather in November and December

In this article: What’s Hurghada weather like in November and December? The average temperatures, what to pack for November and December and information about Christmas celebrations in Hurghada Egypt.

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Hurghada weather in November

November is my favourite month in Egypt. Christmas is close, and the weather in Hurghada in November is perfect. There is no need to keep air-conditioning on day and night. And no more sweating 24/7. The sun shines and warms, but it’s not burning hot. This is why I love November in Egypt.

November is one of the best months to travel to Egypt. On the other hand, it is also the rainiest month of the year in Egypt.

A city of Hurghada has a lot to offer for the ones visiting #hurghada #egypt.Hurghada is popular holiday destination among tourists all around the world.
Hurghada is a popular holiday destination, because of its crystal clear waters and all year round sunshine.

Rains in Hurghada

But there is no need to worry because it’s only a 1.3% chance for the rain in November in Hurghada, Egypt. And if it rains, it usually doesn’t last long. This is why, I can guarantee that the rain won’t ruin your holiday to Egypt. Personally, I love the rain in Egypt, because it’s so rare and refreshing.

If it rains during your holiday to Egypt, you get to experience something special.

The highest average temperature in November is 28 Celsius degrees (82.4 F) and the lowest 17 Celsius degrees (62.6 F). This means that the days are hot but not too hot. The weather a pleasantly warm, and you can enjoy the sun all day long.

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Next: What to pack for Egypt in November?

What to pack for Egypt in November?

Pack your favourite summer clothes, and enjoy the Egyptian sun.

Even though the days are warm, it’s also good to pack something little warmer. Evenings may feel chilly, so it’s good to pack a jacket, cardigan, sweater, long pants or something else you feel comfortable to wear.

Don’t forget to pack sun lotion and mosquito repellent, you’ll need them. You can buy them from the pharmacies in Egypt.

With this tip here you can make sure that you are paying the right amount in the pharmacy. The price of every product sold in the pharmacies must be written to the packet. This is the price, they must sell you the product for you (picture below).

Pharmacies in Egypt.
The price of the product sold in pharmacies in Egypt should be written in the packet.

There are no different prices for foreigners, even they may tell you. The price at the packet is the price everyone should pay. It’s a law.

Hurghada weather averages in November:

  • Highest Temperature: 28C(82.4 F)
  • Lowest Temperature: 17C (62.6 F)
  • Average temperature: 22C(71.6 F)
  • Precipitation: 3.5 mm
  • Humidity: 51 %
  • Wind: 19 km/h
  • Pressure: 1015 Mbar
  • Dew point: 11 Celsius degrees
  • Daylight hours: 11 hours
  • Seawater temp: 26 C (78.8 F)

November weather forecast from ACCUWEATHER (OPENS IN NEW WINDOW)


In November the sun rises around 06.00 am and the darkness comes around 17.00 (05.00 pm). If you wake up early, you have 11 hours to enjoy the daylight.

Maximum average temperatures in Hurghada Egypt.
Maximum average temperatures in Hurghada Egypt.


Hurghada weather in December | The average temperatus

  • Highest Temperature: 24C(75.2 F)
  • Lowest Temperature: 13C(55.4 F)
  • Average temperature: 18C(64.4 F)
  • Precipitation: 0.0 mm
  • Humidity: 51 %
  • Wind: 19 km/h
  • Pressure: 1017 Mbar
  • Dew point: 8 Celsius degrees
  • Daylight hours: 10.5 hours
  • Seawater temp: 24.5 C (76.1 F)


Minimum average temperatures in Hurghada Egypt.
Minimum average temperatures in Hurghada Egypt.

Christmas and New Years celebration in Hurghada

Like told earlier, I’ve spent many Christmases in Egypt. Even though the majority of Egyptians don’t celebrate Christmas, you can’t run away from it in Egypt either.

There is Christmas decoration around the city, and you can even listen to Christmas song. Also, everyone wishes MERRY CHRISTMAS for you.

Coptic Christians in Egypt are celebrating Christmas 7th of January.

More about Coptic Christians from this post: Orthodox Coptic Church in Hurghada

If you are staying at the hotel, there will be 99% sure Christmas gala dinner and celebrations.

Also, most of the restaurants arrange Christmas dinner, which usually includes fancy dinner with starters and desserts. In case, you want to go for a Christmas dinner, there are lots of options. Ask around the prices for Christmas dinner Hurghada Marina is a good place to start.

Since Christman is celebrated on different days in different countries, many restaurants set up Christmas dinner on 24th or 25th or both.

Remember to confirm the day when making a reservation. For most of the places, you need to a reservation for Christmas dinner.

What comes to NEW YEAR’S EVE in Hurghada, I’d say it’s similar to Christmas. There are New Years dinners and celebrations both in hotels and restaurants around the city.

Since the New Year celebration is more nightclubs orientated compared to Christmas, check my guide for Hurghada Nightlife.

If you wish to go clubbing on New Year’s Eve, it’s better to reserve a table or at least buy a ticket beforehand. Bars and nightclubs in Hurghada are crowded in New Year!



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