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Kids Hurghada | Kidzo indoor playing area

Things to do with the kids in Hurghada Egypt.

There are lots of things to do in Hurghada with the kids. Water parks, aquarium, beaches, swimming, you name it. If you stay at the hotel, you probably have a pool and/or beach what to use.

Most of the activities are happening outside, but what if your kid is sunburned or for some other reason it’s impossible to stay outside for a few days. What else you can do in Hurghada with kids?

To avoid everyone suffering from unloaded energy, there is a solution for indoor days in Hurghada. The solution is Senzo mall and Kidzo playing area there. It doesn’t cost anything inside there, but if you want to use games and other devices you must buy a card for 10 Egyptian pounds (le.) and buy credit at least for 50 le. The first time the minimum charge for credit is 50le. but later you can buy credit less. There are lots of games and small devices where kids (and adults) can enjoy themselves. Cost of the games starts at 7 le.

You can also go shopping at Senzo mall at the same time and if you miss home food, there is also McDonalds and KFC there. More about Senzo Mall and how to get there from here.

Enjoy your day at Kidzo and Senzo mall!

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