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One week holiday to Hurghada Egypt | What to do and where to go?

A one week holiday to Hurghada. What to do and where to go?

Are you planning to go for a one week holiday to Egypt’s Hurghada? That’s excellent! You are in the right place. In this article, I’ll tell you how to make the best of your holiday to Hurghada. Here you find suggestions and tips on what to do and where to go.

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What can I do on the Hurghada holidays? Is Hurghada a good holiday destination?

Hurghada is a good holiday destination for everyone. Everyone has a chance to experience a holiday of their lifetime in Egypt.

You can do everything you can imagine and more in Hurghada. Scuba diving, parasailing, bowling, snorkelling and quad-biking are very popular activities among the tourists. The list of things you can do in Hurghada is endless.

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It is obvious that a week is not enough for doing and experiencing all that Hurghada has to offer. Think about what you are interested in doing and pick up one or two activities for your holiday to Hurghada.

If you fill your week with too many activities, there is no time to relax. One week is not much, but it’s perfect for a small break. If you are planning your holiday to Hurghada properly, you have enough time to relax under the sun and explore new things in Egypt.

With these suggestions, you should feel relaxed and energized after a holiday to Hurghada. If you don’t, you have probably been spending too much time at Hurghada nightclubs.

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Which excursions you should experience in Hurghada? Cairo or Luxor?

Most tourists travel to Egypt for seeing the pyramids. But, if you are spending one week in Hurghada, I recommend you to forget the pyramids. An excursion from Hurghada to Cairo is long. The distance between Hurghada and Cairo is about 450 kilometres. The bus to Cairo leaves at night around 01.00 and comes back late at night. All in all the trip takes about 20 hours.

Imagine how tired you are after you have sat 16 hours on the bus. Besides the pyramids, you will also see the Egyptian museum and some other additional places, depending on your tour company. It takes a few days to recover from this excursion.

You can see the excursion program and book a trip to Cairo from Hurghada from this link here.

So if the pyramids aren’t the most important thing for you, skip the pyramids. Next time, when you visit Egypt, stay for two weeks and visit the pyramids.

Instead of the pyramids visit Luxor. Luxor is closer to Hurghada. Actually, it’s about 250 kilometres away and there are lots to see.

I have written a full article about visiting Luxor from Hurghada. You can read it here.

Why Luxor?

I’ve done both Cairo and Luxor excursions myself and I enjoyed Luxor more. You leave from Hurghada at 05.00 in the morning and you come back at night. In Luxor, you are going to see at least the Valley of Kings (I saw Tutankhamon), Karnak Temple, and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. Depending on your tour operator, there may be other places to visit included.

If you want to explore ancient Egypt, visit Luxor. I recommend. You can book an excursion to Luxor from this link.

Luxor excursion is better and recovering doesn’t take days from your holiday.

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What can I do in Hurghada?

Not everyone wants or can’t explore ancient Egypt sights. Some people just want to enjoy the sun and relax on their holiday to Egypt’s Hurghada. Also, if you are travelling with small children, the long excursions are out of the list.

Whether you stay in the Hurghada area, in Sahl Hasheesh or in El Gouna, go explore the other neighbourhoods. Taxis are very cheap in Egypt and it’s easy to move around. I prefer myself using ABC taxi or Uber, instead of Orange Taxis.

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Sahl Hasheesh is one of the best most beautiful places in Egypt.
Sahl Hasheesh is a place worth visiting.

There are lots to see in Hurghada city, go to explore El Dahar the oldest and most authentic area in Hurgada. Go wander around in a busy Sheraton Street (Sakkala) and visit the Touristic area called El Mamsha. Even if you are staying in Sahl Hasheesh, El Gouna or Makadi Bay, you should definitely visit in Hurghada.

Sahl Hasheesh and El Gouna are both artificial gated tourist areas and totally different from Hurghada. There are more to do and see in El Gouna, but also Sahl Hasheesh is worth seeing. It’s breath-taking beautiful. Maybe your next holiday destination in Egypt is El Gouna or Sahl Hasheesh.

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Red sea resort hotels

Most likely, you are also going to spend time at your hotel. The hotels in the Red Sea resorts areas are amazing. Most of the hotels have their own animation team who are there for entertaining the tourists.

Biggest hotels have good restaurants, pools, beach access, gyms, activities, spas even water parks. When choosing a hotel from Hurghada, think about which hotel has the best facilities for you.

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What there is to do in Hurghada at night?

Even your hotel is good, food is excellent and you have paid for all-inclusive, you shouldnät stay at your hotel 24/7. Otherwise, you are going to miss a lot. From my point of view, the best holiday is a mixture of both: rest and activities.

During the day, you are going to enjoy the sun and sea. Sun is probably one of the reasons you want to go for a holiday to Hurghada Egypt. Right?

Evenings are good for shopping and exploring a city of Hurghada. If you want to shop souvenirs or other tourist things, go to Sheraton Street, it’s filled with shops. There are also two shopping centres in Hurghada from where you can buy original products.

More about the shopping places in Hurghada from this article:

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Hurghada Marina during the sun set.
Hurghada Marina is a perfect place for a nice evening stroll.

Other places where I recommend you to visit in the evenings are Hurghada Marina and Sherry Street. They come alive in the evenings and are totally worth visiting. Also, Mamsha is a great place for a nice evening stroll.

If you get hungry or want to have a drink somewhere, there are restaurants, cafes and bars around every corner.

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I wish you the best holiday in Hurghada! Now, go back to the front page to read more tips for a holiday to Hurghada Egypt!

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