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Private car companies | ABC-Taxi Hurghada

There are a few private car companies in Hurghada who uses private cars like a taxi. ABC taxi Hurghada is one of them. This means that normal people use their own cars to transfer other people from point A to point B or C. Continue to read more about ABC-taxi Hurghada.

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Because people are using their private cars, there are no taxi signs. So be sure that you get into the right car. If you are not sure about the car, call a driver, he should have his phone with him.

How to order ABC-taxi?

I use ABC-taxi very often and most of the time it has been working well. You call the company and they call you back. So don’t worry when they cancel a call you when you try to order a car.

They ask, where you want the car to come and where you want to go. After this, they tell you how long it will take to get the car. It usually comes in 10-minutes. After the order is finished, the driver calls you and asks you details, he also tells when he is coming.

This is sometimes a little problematic because not all the drivers speak good English (most of them do). I don’t speak Arabic, but I have survived. All this means that you have to have an Egyptian subscription for calling (more about getting sim-card here). If you don’t have one, forget ABC taxi and use other options. Orange taxis work as well.

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Next: Why to use ABC-taxi? Taxi fares.

Why do I use ABC-taxi Hurghada?

I use ABC taxi because they have new cars and most of them have seat belts. Seat belts are actually the main reason, why I use ABC-taxi. When I’m travelling alone, I can use orange taxis. But when I’m travelling with my baby, I want to use a car with seat belts, because of the safety reasons. You will notice, that traffic here is crazy. 

ABC-taxi fares

Prices are a little bit higher than orange taxis, but at least you don’t need to fight about it and you can trust their taxi meters (usually). Even with ABC-taxi, it’s not a bad idea to check the taxi meter before leaving. Now starting price is 7.50 Egyptian pounds plus 1.75 Egyptian pounds Le/Km, but it may change.

ABC-taxi has a Facebook page, where you find more information and contact details. There are also other taxi companies in Hurghada, but as I said earlier I haven’t used them myself. I’ve heard good feedback about Fawry taxi company.

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Another good option for ABC-taxi is UBER or CAREEM. Here is a link to a post to read more about Uber and Careem in Hurghada Egypt,

Have you used private car companies in Hurghada? Which is your favourite?


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