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Hurghada city center shopping mall

Hurghada City Center shopping mall is located in Arabia area, close to El Dahar and next to Hilton Hotel Hurghada. It’s open daily from 9.00 am to 23.45 (11.45 pm).

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From Hurghada City Center shopping mall you’ll find shops for clothes, toys, souvenirs, tobacco and much more. More shops will be opened in the future. There are also a movie theatre, coffee shops and a big grocery store which are already open.

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a view from hurghada city center shoppng mall
A view from Hurghada city center shopping mall.

So, finally, our new shopping mall in Hurghada has been opened. The first time, I went to check the new mall was right after Christmas with my baby. It wasn’t the best idea to go shopping with a tired baby, but I survived.

This is one of the reasons for the very fast tour at the Hurghada city center shopping mall. Another reason was that most of the shops were still closed, so there was not much to do and see yet.

Shops in Hurghada city center mall

In the future, there will be 165 shops and kiosks, movie theatre, aquarium, a food court, kids area, Carrefour hypermarket and much more on four floors (more info:

Some of the shops on the first floor (or ground) floor were open, but most of them were still closed. If I understood right, more shops are about to open soon. But we are in Egypt, so it may take a while.

UPDATE: In June more shops in Hurghada City Center mall were open. All the three floors were open for public and the movie theatre has been opened. The movie theatre in Hurghada city center mall is the only one in Hurghada where you can see English movies.

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Hurghada movie theatre

The Movie Theater is called Grand Hurghada Cinema and it’s located inside Hurghada City Center Shopping mall. I heard that the tickets are very cheap, up from 50 Egyptian pounds (3D) and the theatre is very nice and comfortable. Go see the movies!

More information and reservations from theatres Grand Cinema Hurghada’ website.

Even though all the shops are not opened yet, there is a big grocery store called Caffefour in Hurghada City Center mall. Carrefour Hypermarket, I have been waiting for you!

The selection of products at the supermarkets in Egypt is not vast, compared to what I have used to. As an example a cooking cream: Some days it’s available, most of the days not.

In Europe, we have at least ten different trademarks and manufacturers for one product, but in Egypt, you may find one product if you are lucky. Every time I decide to cook something special, some of the ingredients are not available.

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From an architectural point of view, interiors could have included more wow-effects. There are nothing wrongs with the design, it’s just very normal (read boring).

Points for the big aquarium. I hope there will be something green as well. We see it after Hurghada city center shopping mall is properly finished.

I will give my last word after everything has been finished. Meanwhile, I will visit and shop at the Hurghada city center shopping mall regularly.

See you there!


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