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Hurghada City Center shopping mall

Hurghada city center shopping mall

Hurghada City Center shopping mall is located at the Arabia area, close to El Dahar souk and next to Hilton Hotel Hurghada. It’s open daily from 10.00 am to 00.00 (12.00 pm).

Table of content:

  • Hurghada City Center shopping mall stores
  • Grand cinema Hurghada
  • Red Sea Fun City an indoor playing area for kids
  • Hurghada Ice world
  • Restaurants at Hurghada mall

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The newest shopping mall in Hurghada is called Hurghada City Center-shopping mall. The mall has four floors including the ground floor. This is a mall where you find anything you need from under the one building.

The mall is air-conditioned, prices are fixed and the brands are both local and international. What makes this mall so awesome, is the thing that there are things to do for all the family.

In addition to the shops, there is also a movie theatre, a bank, coffee shops, a big grocery store etc.

And the most important thing is Fun City Red Sea-playing area for the kids is also open! Next to it, there is an ice world, which is a place where you can go ice-skating. Ice-skating in Egypt is unbelievable. right?

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a view from hurghada city center shoppng mall
A view from Hurghada city center shopping mall.

Shops in Hurghada city center mall

There are about one hundred stores in Hurghada City center shopping mall. This number includes all the shops and restaurants at the mall.

From Hurghada City Center shopping mall you’ll find shops for clothes, toys, souvenirs, tobacco, jewelry, make-up, and much more.

On the ground floor, you find for example Carrefour supermarket, a Vodafone store, a Toy Store, and clothing stores for kids, women, and men.

A view from the first floor in front of the fountain.

The first and second floors are filled with shops with some coffee shops and restaurants.

The third floor has some shops but it’s more for entertaining and eating since a kid’s indoor playing area, a movie theatre, Ice City Hurghada, and restaurant world are located there.

There are both escalators and elevators at the mall. The last time when I was there, none of the elevators were working. Since I had a stroller with me, security let me use the staff elevator.

In case, there are some problems, the staff and security at the mall are brilliant.

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Grand cinema Hurghada

Hurghada movie theatre

The Movie Theater is called Grand Hurghada Cinema and it’s located inside Hurghada City Center shopping mall the third floor. I heard that the tickets are very cheap, up from 50 Egyptian pounds (3D) and the theatre is very nice and comfortable.

The movie theatre in Hurghada City Center mall is the only one in Hurghada where you can see English-spoken movies.

More information and reservations from theatres Grand Cinema Hurghada’ website.

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Red Sea Fun City an indoor playing area for kids

Red Sea Fun City is an indoor playing area for kids. The place is good for all ages, but I would say that it is best for a kid’s a bit bigger.

Our four years old was enjoying himself there, but I think he will be enjoying it more after a few years. The thing is that the games were a bit too hard for him to play but on the other hand, he was enjoying himself by jumping, sliding, and climbing.

There is no entrance fee, but you have to buy a card for 15 Egyptian pounds, where you buy and charge the credit. Each game and thing is charged separately from the card. For example, you pay for using trampolines for 15 minutes for 30 Egyptian pounds. The prices may vary during the public holidays and seasons. There is a price list for everyone to see.

The minimum charge for the card is 50 Egyptian pounds and that goes fast.

All in all, this new indoor playground is nice, clean, and safe. Definitely worth going. But notice that it is very busy during the national holidays.

The other indoor playing area in Hurghada is located in Senzo mall.

Hurghada Ice world

If you have not tried ice-skating, you have the possibility to do it in Hurghada. The Ice world is located on the third floor of the mall. It is big, but nice entertainment.

More information Ice world on Facebook

The Ice world is located on the third floor of the city center mall in Hurghada.
Ice World in Hurghada City Center shopping mall

Restaurants at Hurghada City Center shopping mall

There are some coffee shops and small restaurants on each floor. On the third floor, you find a food court where they sell burgers and that kind of fast food.

The restaurant area is located at third floor.

All in all the mall is excellent and worth visiting. But if I have to say a one minus thing is that there were no babies changing room or any place where to change a diaper.

If this was fixed the experience at the mall would have been excellent.

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