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Top things to do in Hurghada Egypt from A-Z

the best things to do in hurghada egypt

Looking for things to do in Hurghada Egypt? Here is a list from A-Z that covers almost everything you can do in Hurghada. Written by someone who has been living in Egypt’s Hurghada.

Automatic translations are available for the languages below. Click the flag to translate. If you wish more language option, leave a comment! Choose English to read the original article.

Best things to do in Hurghada

There are multiple options for the things to do in Hurghada. Whether you are on a holiday with kids, friends, or alone, there are things to do for everyone in Hurghada. 

The best thing is, that some of the things to do on this list are totally free of charge. Read the list and be inspired, for sure there is something you couldn’t even imagine doing in Hurghada.

Decide what’s the best thing for you to do while being in Hurghada!

Most of the travel agencies sell popular trips, but travel agencies usually charge more. So you can also buy excursions from Hurghada. If you prefer buying your excursion beforehand, you can purchase them through my blog/website. 

If you decide to purchase an excursion through the links on my site, I’ll receive a small commission. For you, this doesn’t cost any extra. All affiliate links are marked with ***

NOTE! Before you buy any excursions, make sure that the company has insurance covering possible accidents. 

Things to do in Hurghada

Alf leila wa leila-Arabian nights show

This is for the ones who are interested in culture and folklore stories. The show seems to a bit pricey and seems like it shares the opinions. Some say it’s worth going, others don’t recommend.

If you are interested in music, dance, fantasy and history, this show may be for you.

More info and bookings: Alf leila wa leila show with museum visit***

ATV | Quad bike desert safari

Beautiful landscapes in the desert near Hurghada. Quad biking safari Hurghada Egypt.
Beautiful landscapes in the desert near Hurghada.

One of the most popular things to do in Hurghada is a safari trip to the desert with quad bikes (ATV). You get to drive ATVs in the desert and drive a beach buggy-car. It’s possible to do either 3- or 7-hours trips to the desert. If you choose a longer trip, you get to visit Bedouin village and barbeque. 

I have done self a 3-hours quad bike safari trip to the desert. You can read more about my quad biking experience from this article:

Hurghada excursions | A quad bike safari

NOTE! Children under 16-years old are not allowed to drive the vehicles.

Remember to make sure that your travel insurance is valid when driving a quad bike.

More info and booking: 3-hour quad bike excursion***, 7-hours quad biking trip***

The most popular trip: Sunset Quad Tour Along the Sea and Mountains***

Nightclubs & bars

There is only one thing to do in Hurghada, which you may regret afterwards: It is going to the bars and nightclubs. I don’t mean that the nightlife in Hurghada is horrible, but you may get a hangover from Hurghada. 

If the drinks are made from a local Egyptian vodka, you may have the worst hangover of your life. So, be careful!

Read more: A guide to Hurghada nightlife, Alcoholic beverages and drinking in Egypt

Next: Blue Moon-animal center Hurghada

Blue Moon Animal Center Hurghada

When you are walking around Hurghada you’ll see lots of homeless cats and dogs. This is a big problem all over Egypt. 

Luckily, there is a Blue Moon Animal Center in Hurghada that takes care of the street dogs and cats for free.

You can visit Blue Moon Animal Center on Tuesdays and Sundays from 9.30-12.00. Here is a link from google maps, to see the location.

More information: Blue Moon Animal Center on Facebook.

Crazy Land Park – Hidden gem in the Sheraton Street

Entrance to an amusement park in HUrghada Egypt
Entrance to Crazy Land Park Hurghada Egypt.

There is a small amusement park on Sheraton street called Crazy Land Park. If you have been walking on Sheraton street, you may have seen it. For me, it took long to pluck up the courage and take a closer look at the park.

The rides at the amusement park looked like they haven’t been maintained regularly, so I didn’t dare to try them. But still, the place was worth seeing. The entrance cost only a few pounds, and I was happy to pay for it.

If you are travelling with the kids, probably it’s not the best idea to take them to see the park. They’ll just be very disappointed if they aren’t allowed to try the amusement rides.

Next: Explore the city with a microbus

Drive around the city with microbuses

Everyone who is visiting Egypt should try a microbus. It’s one of the funniest and the cheapest things to do in Egypt. The ride with a microbus costs only a few Egyptian pounds.

Microbusses are a fast and easy way to move around Hurghada.

Read more: How to use a microbus in Hurghada

Some of the most authentic things to do in Hurghada are totally free.

Explore El Dahar

All of these things to see and experience in El Dahar are located around El Dahar Square. El Dahar square in Arabic midan Dahar is the heart of El Dahar. Everything is a walking distance away from it. When you go to visit Dahar, ask a taxi, uber or careem to take you to El Dahar Square (Midan Dahar). Last time I paid 30 Egyptian pounds for Uber from the beginning of Sheraton Street to El Dahar square. If you take a microbus El Dahar square is the last stop. Microbus costs 2 Egyptian pounds from Sheraton to Dahar.
El Dahar square, Hurghada, Egypt.

El Dahar is the oldest part of the city of Hurghada. The exploring of El Dahar is a thing to do itself. Explore a souk, deal in the Bazaar, and buy fresh vegetables from the fruit and vegetable market. 

In addition to shopping, there are lots of other things to do in El Dahar, for example, visiting Hurghada Coptic Church.

Read more about El Dahar and Hurghada Coptic Church

Eat Egyptian food

One of the best things you can do on holiday is eating. Eating is my favourite thing to do, everywhere! When you are on holiday, you can eat almost anything, without feeling guilty. Try Egyptian food and enjoy the best restaurants in Hurghada Egypt. 

Koshari is one of the must try foods in Egypt
Image: Dina Said (Wikipedia Commons) Egyptian Kushari or koshari, made of rice, macaroni, and lentils, topped with a spiced tomato sauce and garlic vinegar, garnished with chickpeas and fried onions

Best Egyptian food in Hurghada is served in Dar El Darak-restaurant. The restaurant is located close to Sheraton Road. Don’t let the location confuse you. It’s safe to go to the side streets and enjoy authentic Egyptian food. More info: Dar El Darak on Facebook.

If you want to get to know with the Egyptian fast food try GAD restaurants. You’ll find at least four GAD restaurants in Hurghada. They serve everything from falafels to burgers.

Read more Food in Egypt | Egyptian dishes must try The best fish restaurants in Hurghada

Next: Escape room Hurghada

Escape room Hurghada


Escape rooms are perfect places to go with a small bunch of people. The escape room in Hurghada is for 2-7 people at a time. The Escape room is a place where you play the escape game. The idea of the game is to play together with a small group of people and solve the mystery to get out from the ESCAPE ROOM where you are locked inside.

One game lasts a maximum of 60-minutes. If you solve the mystery earlier, the door will be opened. And don’t panic, though the doors are locked you can always leave the room in case of emergency. If you didn’t find your way out of the room in 60 minutes, you’ll be set free anyway.

There are four different themed game rooms in Hurghada Escape Room. If it’s your first visit to Escape room, start from the easiest one and play a more difficult room later.

If you looking for things to do in Hurghada for a couple or group of friends, the Escape room is an excellent choice. More info from their website:

Felfala beach | Old Sheraton road Hurghada

The best sea view in Hurghada

Sit down and admire the beautiful sea view. Felfala beach is probably one of the most photographed places in Hurghada. It is located in Old Sheraton road between Sheraton road and El Mamsha. The name of the place comes from the old restaurant called Felfala. 

Old Felfela restaurant in Hurghada Egypt.
Felfela used to be one of the most popular restaurants in Hurghada Egypt.

Felfala-restaurant used to be one of the most popular restaurants in Hurghada. Unfortunately, it has been

Felfela beach is located under a small hill, opposite Granada restaurant. The view to the beach and the sea is amazing.

Going down to a Felfala beach is forbidden, but people still sneak into the beach. When you look down from above, you see many people swimming and spending time down on the beach.

I recommend you to admire the sea from above instead of going down to the beach on your own. If you decide to go down to the beach, you do it with your own responsibility.

Some people are fishing from the Felfala beach. If you are interested in FISHING, it is possible to book a fishing trip. The same companies that offer boat trips offer a chance to fish from the boats.

You can see the sea and felfala from behind the fence.

Drive a golf cart in Sahl Hasheesh

Sahl Hasheesh piazza is breath taking.
Piazza in Sahl Hasheesh Egypt.

Sahl Hasheesh is a stunning resort about 20 km away from Hurghada. You can’t find a place like Sahl Hasheesh from anywhere else. It’s a very peaceful and beautiful resort city, filled with luxury hotels. 

The architecture and the city itself are very unique and totally worth seeing. The most memorable way to explore Sahl Hasheesh is to rent golf carts. Golf carts are rented by hourly.

Read more: Sahl Hasheesh A gem of the Red Sea

A tour from Hurghada to Sahl Hasheesh: Hurghada: Sahl Hasheesh Snorkeling, Scooter, Glass Boat Tour***

Visit Hurghada Grand Aquarium

The best place to explore underwater life without actually going into the water is Hurghada Grand Aquarium. Hurghada aquarium is a good place to visit especially on a cold winter day. 

Shark feeding show daily at 11.00 and 15.00 in hurghada gran aquarium.
Hurghada Grand Aquarium shark feeding show.

In addition to exploring underwater life, there are lots of other things to do in Hurghada Grand Aquarium, especially for the kids. There is a playground, a bedouin tent, the possibility to ride a camel and you can even dive inside the tanks and feed the sharks.

Read more: Is Hurghada Grand Aquarium worth visiting?

Hiking in the Red Sea mountain trail

Red Sea mountain trail has been opened in 2019. The path is 170 kilometres long, and it usually takes 10 days to complete the trail. 

You get to hike with a local guide from the Beduin tribes. There are also easier and shorter options if you wish to hike a shorter path. 

More information:

Horseback riding in Hurghada

Do you want to ride a horse on the beach to the sunset? That’s possible to do in Hurghada. Here are some trips that include horseback riding:

Hurghada: 3-Hour Horse Riding and Swimming Experience***

Hurghada: Horseback Riding, Parasailing, & Twister Boat Trip***

Visit Hurghada museum

Hurghada Museum has been opened at the beginning of March 2020. The museum is located in the Intercontinental area, close to Hilton Hurghada Resort hotel (location in Google maps.)

The museum has six departments from the Pharaonic age to Modern Egypt. The building has two floors, one is for the museum and the other for commercial use.

The tickets to the Hurghada museum costs 200 Egyptian pounds for adults. Children under 6-years old and foreign students (documentaries required) pay 100 EGP. For the Egyptians, the entrance fee to Hurghada Museum is 80 EGP/adults and 40 EGP children/students.

Hurghada Museum is open daily from 10.00 till 01.00 (13.00), and from 05.00 (17.00) till 11.00 (23.00). The museum is closed from 01.00 (13.00) to 05.00 (17.00). The commercial area is open from 10.00 am until 11.00 pm (23.00).

Read more: Hurghada Museum-a piece of history of Egypt in the Red Sea

Things to do with a family: Hurghada bowling center

Hurghada Bowling Center is located in El Kawther area. It’s easy to find and most of the taxis know where it is. Bowling Center offers things to do for everyone from toddlers till the elderly.

Inside Hurghada Bowling center
Hurghada Bowling Center is located in Bowling Street in El Kawhter area

In addition to the bowling, there is a restaurant, a cafe, a playing area for kids and games for adults as well.

Read here more details about Hurghada Bowling Center: Hurghada bowling center

Join Facebook groups

Join Hurghada-related Facebook groups to get the latest information about what’s going on in the city. And don’t forget to follow lifebeyondex-Hurghada blog on Facebook.

Take kids to play to Kidzo playing area in Senzo mall

While parents and other adults go shopping at Senzo mall, kids can enjoy themselves in the Kidzo playing area. The entrance to the Kidzo playing area is free of charge, but if you want to use the games and other activities, you must buy a card where you can charge credit. 

For the first time, you have to charge a card at least 50 Egyptian pounds, after that, you can charge any amount of money.

Read more: Kidzo playing area in Senzo mall

Next: Kitesurfing in Hurghada Egypt

Kitesurfing in Hurghada: Things to do at sea

Kitesurfing is an activity for the ones who love activities in the sea. There are many Kitesurfing Centers around Hurghada, which offer Kitesurfing courses and lessons from beginners to more experienced ones.

Here is a video of Kitesurfing in Hurghada (Soma Bay) for the ones who are not familiar with the sports.

And here is a list of well-known Kitesurfing schools in Hurghada Egypt.

Kite scholl Egypt Lessons from 135€ (3 Hours for the beginners).

Playkite Lessons from 45 USD (1 Hour).

Harry Nash windsurf and kite centers Prices on request.

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Lay down on the beach

Hurghada is made for beach lovers. From the city and its surroundings, you’ll find tens of beaches where you can to lay down and enjoy the sun.

There are no free public beaches in Hurghada, but most of the hotels have their own private beach for guests to use.

Read more: The best beaches in Hurghada Egypt

Go for a stroll to Hurghada Marina

View from Hurghada Marina.
Hurghada New Marina in the evening.

Hurghada’s new Marina isn’t very new anymore, but it’s still one of the places where you must visit in Hurghada. More about Hurghada Marina from this post.

In Hurghada Marina, you can see the biggest boats, stroll without being harassed by taxis and enjoy food, drinks, or coffee. Whatever you like.

Giftun islands: Mahmaya, Paradise & Orange Bay

One of the most popular excursions in Hurghada Egypt is definitely a boat trip to Giftun Islands. Giftun Island is an island close to Hurghada about 1-hour boat trip (depends on a beach). 

It has three different beaches/areas called Mahmya, Paradise and Orange Bay. All of them are located in Giftun island.

Paradise Island Hurghada Egypt
Paradise Island.

A day trip to the island costs about 400 Egyptian pounds and includes lunch, snorkelling and beach entrance. The trip starts in the morning and you come back around 3.00 (pm).

There are different variations, you can either spend the all-day in the islands or visit Island for a few hours and the rest of the day at the sea snorkelling or diving from the boat.

Here are a few examples of the most popular excursion to Giftun Islands, Paradise Island and Orange Bay. 

These links below are affiliate links (marked with ***). In case you book your trip to Islands or anywhere through these links, I’ll get a small commission. For you, this doesn’t cost any extra.

Orange Bay snorkeling trip with lunch ***

Duration for seven hours, pick up between 7:30-8.00.

A trip includes lunch & soft drink on the board, use of snorkeling equipment, and assistance. More info from the link above.

Giftun Islands snorkeling trip with lunch***

Duration for 9 hours. Includes pick-up and drop-off, lunch, soft drinks, mineral water & guide assistance. A possibility to see the dolphins. More info from the link above.

Magawish & Giftun Islands full-day snorkeling trip***

Duration for 9 hours. Includes two snorkeling spots on the Red Sea and visit Giftun Islands. More info from the link above.

The best time to take these trips is from March to December. If the weather is cold and windy, don’t forget to pack warmer clothes with you. My friends went to the sea trip in January and they were freezing all day. So you have been warned!

Read more: Giftun Islands | Orange Bay, Mahmya and Paradise Island

Next: Mini Egypt park & Sand city Hurghada

Mini Egypt Park & Sand City Hurghada

Both Mini Egypt and Sand City Hurghada are outdoor museums, where you can see miniatures of famous buildings and monuments made of sand and other materials.

Mini Egypt park is located in Makadi Bay area, about 30 minutes away from Hurghada International Airport. It’s open from 10.00 to 07.00 (19.00).

If you book your ticket to Mini Egypt Park from their website, the price includes pick-up. From Hurghada, a ticket with a pick-up for Adults is 20 €. Unfortunately, they don’t have a decent price list from their website.

Here is a video from the park, in case you are interested to take a look around.

Sand City Hurghada is located in a hotel area close to Senzo Mall. It’s open daily from 09.00 to 05.00 (17.00). They have big sculptures made of sand from Sponge Bob to Sphinx. I didn’t find the prices for Sand City Hurghada from their websites. But I found information that it cost 10 USD to get in. Here is a link to their website, if you want to take a closer look. 

Movie theatres in Hurghada

Watching a movie is always a good thing to do, in Hurghada and everywhere. Especially if you’ve burned yourself in the sun and looking for a place to hide from the sun. 

There are two movie theatres in Hurghada. One is located in Hurghada City Center Shopping mall, and the other in Sheraton Road (Sea Gull Movies). The one located in Sheraton-Road shows only Arabic movies. Whatever you choose, both are experiences.

Hurghada city center shopping mall
Hurghada city center shopping mall.

Negotiate and haggle about the prices

The most authentic thing to do in Hurghada is definitely haggling. Haggling is a part of the culture and expected. If you’re unfamiliar with haggling take a look at my guide for Haggling in Egypt and anywhere

Oasis mother club in El Kawther | Things to do in Hurghada with the kids

Oasis mother club is not open to the public at the moment!

There are not too many playgrounds in Hurghada. There may be on at your hotel resort, but if not you can always visit Oasis Kids Club in El Kawther area close to El Mamsha.

Oasis Mothers Club is open daily and is located downstairs of Regency Towers Building. 

Here is a link to their facebook pages to take a closer look

If you are staying in El Gouna, there is an indoor playing area for kids called Cheeky Monkeys. More information here.

Walk along by the promenade El Mamsha

Mamsha promenade in hurghada Egypt
Mamsha is one of the best places to stroll in Hurghada

El Mamsha is a four kilometres long walking district, from where you find shops and restaurants. It’s a perfect place for a nice evening stroll. 

For the kids, there are small cars for rent to drive around. Be careful with this, you may have to spend lots of time there.

Enjoy Egyptian coffee and shisha in a local coffee shop

One of the most local things to do in Hurghada is to sit down in a local coffee shop. You find these Egyptian coffee shop around every corner.

Sit down, enjoy Egyptian coffee and smoke shisha. Most of the coffee shops have their own Shisha masters. There are also many tobacco flavours to choose from. 

In Hurghada and other tourist resorts, coffee shops are open for everyone. Even though most of the customers are men, women are welcomed to enjoy the beverages.

Egyptians drink their coffee from the small cups. The taste is quite different from Nescoffee. This is why you should absolutely taste Egyptian coffee.

Next: Scuba diving in Hurghada

Scuba diving in Hurghada

A letter S is definitely for SCUBA DIVING. The Red Sea is one of the most popular places in the world, among scuba divers. Divers all around the world come to enjoy Egypt’s amazing diving spots. There are millions of brilliant choral and fishes waiting for you in the red sea.

Here is a full list of Hurghadas diving sites:

If you wish to start or try diving in Hurghada, it’s quite affordable compared to many other countries. Whether you are beginners or a more experienced diver, there are lots to explore in the Red Sea.

Scuba diving trips in Hurghada:

From Hurghada: 7-Hour Dive Tour of Hurghada with Lunch***

Hurghada: Scuba Diving Adventure***

Hurghada: Full-Day Scuba Diving Discovery***

Full-Day Scuba Diving Tour with Lunch & Pick-Up***

The add above is an affiliate link ***

Snorkelling in the Red Sea

If you don’t want to scuba-dive, you can still take a look to Red Sea underwater life. That is to say, the snorkelling facilities in Hurghada are amazing. You can’t find a hotel in Hurghada which has chorals close to the beach, but you can always book a boat trip.

If you wish to stay in a hotel with beach access to coral reefs, take a look at the hotels in Sahl Hasheesh. There is also an artificial underwater snorkelling site built in Sahl Hasheesh. 

Read more: Sahl Hasheesh | A Gem of the Red Sea

Wakeboarding at Sliders Cable Park in El Gouna

The coolest place in El Gouna is probably The Sliders cable park. There you can do wakeboarding, enjoy the pool, visit their a unique aquapark or restaurant services. 

I wish I had the courage to visit there someday. It looks so cool and also hard. Check their website and this video to see what I mean. Sliders Cable Park is located in El Gouna about 25 kilometres away from Hurghada. It’s open every day from 9.30 to 06.00 (18.00).

Sliders Aquapark in El Gouna

In El Gouna next to Sliders Cable Park, you have a chance to visit the most unique aquaparks in the world. Sliders aquapark is a unique floating aquapark. It’s open daily from 09.00 to 06.00 (18.00). 

One hour costs 12 € for adults and 8 € for children under 16 years old.

Two hours costs 18 € for adults (+16) and 12 € for children.

More information:

Next: Shopping in Hurghada

Shopping around the city

Who wouldn’t like to do shopping on their holidays? When I was younger, shopping was the only thing I wanted to on my holiday. This is not me anymore, but I admit that shopping on a holiday is fun.

There are lots of things to buy and places to shop in Hurghada.

The biggest shopping area in Hurghada is Sheraton Road, from where you find everything from spices to fake design clothes, bags and shoes.

If you want to do shopping in the air-conditioned shopping center, there are two of them in Hurghada. One is about 10 kilometres away from the city center (Senzo Mall). The other is in Arabia area, next to Hilton Hotel (Hurghada city center shopping mall).

Read more: The best places to shop in Hurghada Egypt

Sindbad submarine

In Hurghada, you have a chance to experience the real Submarine. You can book your submarine excursion from Sindbad Hotel in El Mamsha. 

More information: 3-hours Sindbad Submarine trip***

There is also Glass boat excursion sold in Hurghada, which can be a nice experience. But, if I could choose, I would definitely go with a submarine.

More information: Sea Scope submarine trip 2-hours***

If you are claustrophobic the submarine is probably the best place to go.

Visit El Gouna

El Gouna is one of the most beautiful places in Red Sea area.
El Gouna, Egypt.

El Gouna is a resort close to Hurghada. You can easily take a one day trip to El Gouna from Hurghada.  For the kids, El Gouna has an Indoor playing area called Funky Monkey. There is a marina and “city center” downtown to explore. 

Both have lots of restaurants, clubs and bars to try. Stroll in the Marina and see the biggest yatches in the Red Sea. Rent a bicycle and drive around the city.

More about El Gouna: El Gouna guide | A day tour to El Gouna***

Hurghada Aqua Parks | Things to do with the kids in Hurghada

The best thing to do with the whole family in Hurghada is definitely Water Park.

Jungle Aquapark, Makadi Bay Water World & Sindbad are probably the most popular ones in the area.

Most likely, you’ll get the tickets cheaper if you buy them straight from the water parks. You just need to arrange transportation yourself. A day ticket usually covers all-inclusive facilities (eg. food, drinks, entrance).

Jungle Aquapark is one of the biggest water parks in Hurghada Egypt. It is located close to Senzo Mall, about 10 kilometres away from the city center (Airport). 

It has lots of pool and 35 slides (21 for adults and 14 for kids). You can visit aquapark for a day. The price is approximately 40 $ USD, in case you book the ticket through a tour operator. 

Here is a link to a video from Jungle Aquapark, looks amazing right?

Makadi Bay Water world

Makadi Bay water world is the biggest aqua park close to Hurghada. It’s located in Makadi Bay area, about 30 kilometres away from Hurghada. It’s a little bit far away, but if you are the water parks lover, you should visit Makadi Bay Aquapark. 

There are about 50 slides for both adults and children. More information from TripAdvisor

Sindbad Aqua Park

Sindbad Aquapark is the smallest and also the cheapest aqua parks in the area. It’s located in El Mamsha, close to everything. If you are travelling with small kids, Sindbad may be the best choice for you. The pool for kids is nice and the park itself isn’t too big. More information and pictures from Tripadvisor. 

All in all, there are lots of things to do in Hurghada, right?

What have you been doing in Hurghada? Leave a comment and don’t forget to share the post!

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