Uber in Egypt. How to use Uber and careem in Egypt?

In this post: How to use Uber and Careem in Egypt. My experiences about using Uber in Hurghada Egypt. 

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Uber and Careem are both operating in Egypt. Careem is an Arabic version of Uber. Both of them provide taxi services with the same user interface.

What is Uber and how does it work in Egypt? People use their private cars as a taxis and get customers through these apps. Service works through an app (location) installed on a smartphone from the app- or play store. Shortly, you order a taxi with your mobile.

Both of the applications require an internet connection to work. If you don’t have an Egyptian sim card with internet connection installed on your phone, don’t use application outside WI-FI connection. Otherwise, it may become a very expensive ride for you. To read more about mobile internet connections click here.

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The app checks your location and sends a car straight to your location if you want so. A car can be also ordered somewhere else. After you have set your pick up location and destination, the app shows the approximated cost of the trip.

This is a very good feature, no big surprises for a customer at the end. You also see on the map, if there are free cars available around you, and how far they are from your location.

After an app has found a car for you, it shows more details about it; register number; car type; name and number of the driver.

Note! Some drivers prefer to call before coming. Usually, they call to tell they are coming in a few minutes or ask where to come exactly. Even both apps use GPS, some drivers ask details and instructions to the destination. This may become a problem, in case you are not familiar with the city.



Last week I tried to order Uber a few times at the day time around 11 o’clock and didn’t get the car. There were no cars available at that time of the day. There could have been also a problem with the app. Later in the evenings and afternoon availability was much better and the cars came fast.

I used Uber last time when I was visiting in Hurghada Grand Aquarium. It is not in the city centre, but not totally out of the town either. It took 7 minutes to get Uber there.

In case you need a car fast, Uber and Careem are the best options.

Note! This week I have managed to get Uber in the mornings, no problems with availability.

Lately, I have been mostly using Careem, to see how it works.

Until now, my experiences of Careem have only been positive. Even in the morning times, cars have come very fast. Yesterday morning I didn’t have time to put my shoes on, and a car was already outside my house. Very fast service, I haven’t used to it here.

Careem works like Uber, but from my experience, it’s easier to get a car by using Careem. I haven’t noticed a big difference between prices.

Both of them have good discounts and promotions going on all the time. This means, that I have been saving a lot of money by using both Uber and Careem.  Free rides from Careem, -50% discount from Uber, you name it.

Compared to Orange taxis and other private car companies, Careem and Uber have cheaper fares. 5 km ride costs about 20-25 Egyptian pounds (le.) at the moment. And with discounts, it’s really cheap!

Uber and Careem are the cheapest and easiest way to move around the city excluding microbuses (more about the microbuses here). You get a car fast, and you don’t need to fight about the prices. At the end of the ride, the app tells you, how much does it cost. Careem sends you even an e-mail receipt.

You get to rate a driver at the end of the ride. I hope this encourages drivers to behave professionally. You can also report a driver through the app, in case you have any problems. All my rides have been good with no problems, but unfortunately, bad individuals may exist among these drivers too.

For your safety, women should never sit on the front seat, when travelling alone in a taxi.

Sitting in the front seat may send a wrong message to a driver, and it may lead to sexual harassment. This is why you should always sit back in Egypt.

But like I said, I haven’t had any problems with Uber or Careem drivers myself.

If I choose to use a private car company over Careem or Uber, it’s because I’m travelling with a baby. I have noticed, that the private car companies (ABC-taxi, Fawry taxi and so on) have a little bit better and newer cars (most of them are, not all).

When travelling with a baby, I prefer the safest way to move.

I use Careem & Uber because, in my opinion, they are safe, cheap and easy to use. In the end, it’s up to you, if you want to use them or not.

Keep yourself moving around and enjoy your rides;

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