What to wear in Egypt | What is a dress code for Hurghada Egypt

What to wear in Egypt. A dress code fot Hurghada Egypt.

Last year my friend visited me in Hurghada. While she was packing at home, she called me and asked: What should I pack to Hurghada? What kind of clothing should I wear at Hurghada and Egypt? What can I wear in Hurghada? What is the dress code for Hurghada, Египет?

В этой статье, I tell you what to wear in Egypt and the things you need to remember about the dress code in Egypt.

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Dress code for Egypt is something that I hadn’t been thinking earlier. I put the clothes on and go outside. Фактически, I use the same clothes in Egypt and in Europe.

In the summer when the weather is very hot, I dress up for a top, shorts or a dress. Когда погода становится холоднее, then I dress up more. Фактически, I don’t even think about the dress code in Hurghada. It comes naturally.

Even though I don’t pay attention to a dress code in Hurghada, there are some cultural related matters which you need to keep in mind when you are picking up clothing to Egypt.

If you are staying in the Red Sea resort towns such as Hurghada, El Gouna or Sahl Hasheesh, then you don’t need to pay attention to your clothing that much. This is probably the reason, why I haven’t been thinking about it myself. I live in Hurghada and a dress code in Hurghada is not that strict.

But if you travel outside the Red sea resort cities, there the dress code is more formal.

When I travel outside Hurghada, I pack up t-shirts, рубашки, pants and dresses which cover my knees and shoulders.

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Do I have to cover my hair in Egypt?

Как сказал, the dress code for Egypt and Hurghada depends a lot about where you are going and what you are doing. If you visit a mosque you need to cover your hair, колени и плечи. В противном случае, there is no need to cover your hair.

Egypt is an Islamic country and visited yearly by millions of tourists from the non-Islamic countries.

Egyptians don’t expect tourists to dress like locals.

But if you visit outside the tourist areas, it’s recommended and moreover respectful to dress modestly and cover your knees and shoulders.

Если вы планируете посетить Каир, это хорошо, чтобы быть готовым к одеваться более формально там.

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A dress code for the Red Sea resorts: Хургада | Эль-Гуна | Макади Бэй

Хургада and other Red Sea resorts are less conservative than other parts of Egypt. Много иностранцев живут в районах,, и местные жители привыкли видеть туристов каждый день. Most of the local people in Hurghada also work in the tourism field.

В Хургаде, люди не обращают много внимания о дресс-коде.

Это нормально “платье меньше” в Хургаде и других курортах Красного моря.

В любом случае, it’s still good to remember that you are in an Islamic country and respect the local manners.

Оставьте свое бикини и Двойник любит в области гостиничной и вам будет хорошо.

In principle, you can wear whatever in the hotel area. You won’t be arrested either if you wear very small micro-shorts on the streets. Or a tank top which looks like a bra, но это не значит, что все в порядке. С моей точки зрения, it’s culturally disrespectful.

Use your common sense and pack up your normal summer clothes. Также, you feel more comfortable when you don’t stand out with your outfit. я имею в виду, тем меньше вы одеваетесь, чем больше внимания вы получите.

Вобщем, дресс-код в Хургаде и других местах Красного моря не так строг, but use your common sense and respect locals when you choose what to wear in Egypt.

Не укладывайте, как вы собираетесь на Ибицу, если вы отправляетесь в Египет. В противном случае, перейти на Ибицу.

Плюс меньше вы одеваетесь, Чем больше вы получите нежелательное внимание.


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